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Cybervein (CVT) Already a Role Model in the Korean Blockchain Market

October 10, 2020 Off By dan saada

CyberVein are going to make data truly valuable.  They are particular about the fact that it is only when the ownership is confirmed, data use rights and privacy protection will be exercised fairly and efficiently.

CyberVein are focused on inter-connecting the data which runs the world.  Their mission is to solve problems to create a true, trustworthy, and efficient enterprise-level big-data platform to empower the real world economy, and achieve greater data usage and monetization at a lower cost. Their main agenda is to make data credible and usable, but also to make data truly valuable assets.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Cybervein (CVT) are working in a range of areas like data security, information Silo, ownership, Low efficiency, privacy and monetization.”

CyberVein claim that there are four core products which will be able to create value independently with different functional attributes.  Further they have to state that in a holistic system, which can be connected in series that it will provide a more comprehensive big-data solution. Eventually, this provides business value to applications, eventually creating an enterprise-level data flow platform based on blockchain.

PISR Database Data Management, Computing Power Data Analytics, DAG Storage Chain Data Storage, and Federated Learning Data Monetization are their focus areas.

CyberVein claim that they are reinventing decentralized databases and about the way in which data is secured and monetized.

It helps to understand the CVT PDP Data integrity Verification Protocol. Of note, CVT is South Korea’s overseas blockchain demonstration project, which is recognized by former Deputy Prime Minister Wu Ming.

CVT officially participated in the construction of smart cities as a Korean blockchain demonstration project. Eventually, CVT has already got the attention and recognition of several politicians and senior officials including former Deputy Prime Minister Wu Ming of South Korea.  This was possible by their own mature smart city solutions and several implemented cases.  They are already a role model in the Korean Blockchain Market.

Cybervein (CVT) Co-Sponsor

Also CyberVein is the co-sponsor to attend the 10th “World Blockchain Summit-Marvels Seoul 2020” jointly hosted by Seoul, Busan and Jeju City on October 20, 2020.

Entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and expert speakers who have contributed towards leading the global blockchain and AI industry will be making it to the conference.

From the flow of events and the trends, it is very clear that CyberVein will continue to make more contributions to Korea.

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