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October 17, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

The Dash Platform Video Series with Amanda B. Johnson has been completed successfully.

Dash Tweeted:  “Don’t miss the final episode of the Dash Platform video series with Amanda B. Johnson. So far you’ve learned about Drive, DAPI, Usernames via DPNS. It’s time to learn how this all works together via Dash Platform Protocol.”

The Dash Investment Foundation alerted stating that over 65% of masternodes have updated to Masternodes that don’t upgrade will be left behind.

Some of them felt that the Dash Investment Foundation does not have the authority to take this decision. They supported their objection by stating that the fact that is the right decision is irrelevant. You still do not have this authority.

The Dash Voting Cycle is coming up and Voters are gearing up to vote.

Being able to make payments with DashPay is very exciting. One of the community members expressed excitement by stating, Another Great delivery with @somosdingo and payed with DashPay by ordering through WhatsApp and paying using SMS with DashText. They also provided testimony that it arrived in just a few minutes and with delivery FREE if you pay with $DASH.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Just like Dash, DashPay, and DashText several other projects are in the race and evolving, the competition is not for mass adoption.  Dash are of course far ahead of time.”

DASH Progression

Mark Mason also expressed that as we’re approaching the release of DashPlatform that he is in full Pokémon mode (gotta catch them all) as I’m expecting a tidal wave of developers to flock to the network. DAPI makes it easy for any desktop, mobile or web app to integrate DASH services!

Mark Mason, Media Relations & Press Room Manager Trust Protector for Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust stated, Earn DashPay block-reward payouts for providing a service to the network. It requires 1 DASH upwards via fractional masternode ownership @crowdnode.  Earn up to 5.65% beating high-street banks! Don’t lose purchasing power to inflation hodling fiat $,£,€. Get Dash & Get Paid! He also opined that Dash Platform is the Blockchain Evolution we’ve all been waiting for.

In a jovial tone, Mark Mason stated, You down with DPP? (Yeah you know me!) DPP, how can I explain it, I’ll take you frame by frame it, D is for Dash, P is for Platform, it’s really decentral, The last P is for Protocol, it’s on a whole new level! Dashy by name, Dashy by nature!

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