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Digibyte (DGB) Getting Evaluated by Coinbase Faith Improving in the Mineable Coin

November 20, 2020 Off By dan saada

Digibyte community members believe that it is the speedboat that will get you out of the tsunami faster than any other UTXO out there. A store of value with near instantaneous transaction speed cannot wait until the world wakes up to this tech and it is not likely to be long now.

Meanwhile Rudy Bouwman tweeted stating that he is a little quite on social media recently because he does not want to sound like a broken record.  He pointed to how we already know the greatness of DigiByte.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Digibyte (DGB) are absolutely decentralized and it is possible for anyone to write code and make improvements to the ecosystem.  The submissions are peer reviewed to avoid malicious code. Good thing!”

Digibyte is very fast and cheap. It is indeed a complete digital ecosystem.

DigiByte Coinbase Listing

When an enthusiastic community member asked if he should start a petition to add Digibyte Coin to Coinbase, one of the other members felt there is no need for it.  The person who refused for a need for petition also stated that every time coinbase lists a coin it turns in to pile of * and he stated that therefore there is no need of a listing for DGB in Coinbase.

However, there were other members who felt that such a move is necessary to improve exposure.  Some of the community members feel that DGB has been long suffering from lack of exposure and low liquidity. 

While the community have been discussing Rudy Bouwman stated, No need to start a petition. Coinbase is already evaluating DigiByte as they have published some time ago. Just allow the process to take some time. DigiByte is not just a pre-issued ERC20 token but a mineable coin with its own blockchain. Have faith, be patient.

Digibyte Wikipedia Page

Digibyte Wikipedia Page is ready.  They have been checking to see if there will be volunteers to see through submission in order to keep the wiki up to date. They have requested those who are willing to be a contributor to help volunteer for the Wikipedia page.

Josiah Crypto Messiah Spackman tweeted:  “We still need to get it finished, so in the spirit of decentralization this is a great opportunity for anybody to contribute to the draft before it get’s re-submitted.”

The Wikipedia page details almost everything about DGB ranging from Digibyte mining, community, marketing, Technical specifications and others.

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