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TRON (TRX) has Better Blockchain Technology with Market Cap of $2.28 Can Compete with PayPal

January 17, 2021 Off By dan saada

Joshwa Roomsburg, Founder of ChainLeak, stated, for the Tron ecosystem to compete with PayPal the market cap would need to go 128X from where it is today. With superior technology.

He pointed to a few reasons for why he users TRX.  He stated, Tron Blockchain has better technology.  He pointed to how Paypal has a market cap of $283.62B Tron has a market cap of $2.2B.  Everybody Can Have An Account.  No Middle-Man (Processing) Fees. Cost Per Transaction.  Decentralized Open Source.

Staking according to investors is excellent and that there is no need to have a bank account with faster transactions and excellent staking options. With improvement in technology TRON will compete with major blockchains.

TRON for Those who do not know the Ecosystem

Tron Foundation was stated in 2017.  The founder is Justin Sun.  There was an ICO in 2017 and $70 million raised (40 billion TRX).  The mainnet launch was in 2018.  The all-time high reportedly was on January 05, 2018 at $0.300363.

Block time is at 3 sec.  Block size is at approximately 1 MB. Block reward is at 32 TRX.  The transactions per second is at 2000.

The Great Voyage is a noteworthy event covering for a range of stuff like SUN Network, Compatible with Ethereum, Application Layer for Dapps, Programming languages: Solidity, Scale, Java, Go, C++, and Python. BitTorrent and USDT, DPoS-27 Super representatives (SRs), Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) for smart contracts, smart contract tokens protocol:  TRC-20, and TRC-10 which are all the crux of the TRON Ecosystem.

Other things that users should try to understand to know TRON better are access content, staking, voting rights, issuance of tokens, development of decentralized applications, and trading. 

Also, users should learn about JUST, Web 3.0, Eternity, Startrek, and Apollo for Tron Usability. 

Other stuff to know are about Pornhub, Travala, WeChat Store, NordVPN to know where you can spend TRX.

The focus of TRON is to decentralize the web.  Thus, they focus on eliminating the need for the middleman in areas like content distribution and therefore they connect the content creators directly with the audience.

The TRON ecosystem is therefore made up of a public blockchain, SUN Network side chain, decentralized applications and also the platform recently made an entry in to the DeFi with JUST. TRON is continuing to evolve.  Anytime there is a FUD in the market, TRON pays no heed and they move ahead with their project.  The fundamentals are improving with major attempts being made to migrate projects to the TRON network.

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