TCA signs a MOU with world’s FASTEST blockchain for commerce Plaza ‘Total bCommerce’

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TCA signs a $500,000 worth MOU with Plaza Global LLC which has come up with a futuristic and the fastest blockchain platform on the earth for commerce that assures a whopping 15,000 transactions per second.

October 5 2018 : Leading online crypto news portal TheCurrencyAnalytics has recently signed a MOU with next-generation commerce on blockchain Plaza Total bCommerce. The mutual investment deal is worth $500,000.

Plaza Total bCommerce is the world’s fastest blockchain especially designed for the commerce sector, covering sellers & businesses. It’s faster & lighter compared to the existing counterparts and enables business to build up their own decentralized applications or else choose a suitable one from a broad array of cost-effective solutions.

Total bCommerce is powered by an exclusive blend of Plaza’s MerchantChain and Freedom Lifestyle. MerchantChain is the most scalable, most secured, most sustainable, most future-proof as well as the fastest distributed ledger system for commerce. On the other hand, Freedom Lifestyle comprises of a premier suite of search, browsing and payment tools which are more private, more convenient, more liberating, more rewarding yet less expensive than traditional tools. They also assure excellent security.

Added to businesses, Total bCommerce also benefits buyers & consumers by offering them user-friendly gateway from high prices & big data.

“We are glad to partner with Plaza Global LLC. What makes it so special is definitely its  revolutionary blockchain-powered Total bCommerce which is the fastest in the world. While traditional blockchains like Bitcoin & Ethereum can’t go beyond 7 tps & 15 tps, Total bCommerce stands out with a jaw-dropping 15,000+tps. We are also excited about the platform’s MerchantChain Transaction Coin (MTC) which is a unique fixed-value coin and assures more stability than traditional crypto tokens which are often volatile”, stated Sydney Ifergan, the leading spokesperson from TCA.

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“We are excited to team up with TheCurrencyAnalytics. We believe in their ethos of bringing up only the most authentic and unbiased news stories for the crypto community. We have been looking for a partner who can convey our unique ideas and revolutionary benefits across the crypto and commerce scene with 100% integrity. And, we could not have a better partner than TCA”, added Kevin Johnson, the chief spokesperson from Plaza.

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