Breyer CEO Implied There Has Been a Cryptocurrency Bubble Forever

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson December 4, 2018 Off
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Bubbles have been around, they have burst, and things resumed to the next trend with cryptocurrency all the time.  There has been a cryptocurrency bubble forever. 

Anything about speculative finance will test the soul of the investor during times of volatility.  The cost of shares or tokens tends to be cheap during an upstart.  When the concept finds some decent acceptance, there are those who fire the recognition and the trend then transits to an exciting situation and all of those bystander investors flock in during the middle or finishing phase.

As with anything, early bird investors do not lose out much during such bubble bursts. Such cycles happen every decade.  The boom and the bust cycle is the way the lifeline of trends in financial investments show up. There is no permanent boom or bust to anything. Just like tides and seasons happen in cycles, this is something that we will not be able to end.

Cryptocurrency optimist, Jim Breyer, opinions a few of the concepts explained above in his interview with Adam Lashinsky of Fortune.

Breyer implied that the sun would shine one day again.  Well, for now, he accepts that a bomb is dropped and that we need to react accordingly.  Jim Breyer is the founder and CEO of Breyer Capital.

With a lot of people being genuinely interested in raising money, they do not have the time to run a company process to promote a product or service.  They are looking to make their investments work by being a part of a company.  While the idea of the then moment seems rich, executing the ideal takes a lot of people, strategy, skill and working by every minute.  So, people are interested in putting money in technology as they feel that technology works smarter than people many times.  And a technique once proved and coded to function in a certain way does not deviate in its functioning.

Some segments of technology are extraordinarily healthy, and others are not as healthy.  The thing with the cryptocurrency trend and investor panic is the degree of expectation.  Previously an 8, 10 or 12% return was considered to be reasonably good; however, with Bitcoin, the expectations were too wild.  The trends worked their way to the wildest expectations; however, sustainability proved to be a challenge, and the current trend graphs have tested it. As investors, we are happy about the bull years, but we cannot take the bear trend.

In any investment market, if there happens to be a bull trend, there will be a bear trend too. The best bull trend and the worse bear trend is inherent to any speculative investment.  We need to be ready for such fanciful turns, which is what is called a trading adventure.



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