Join XinFin at “Blockchain and Businesses” Event on 27th March 2018 by Nanyang Blockchain Association in Singapore

By Steven Anderson March 27, 2018 Off
XINFIN Nanyang

Singapore Blockchain Technology Company, XinFin will be attending Nanyang Blockchain Association’s “Blockchain and Businesses” event on 27th March 2018. The panelists at the event will include few popular names from Blockchain industry such as XinFin, LALA World, and BitKan. Karan Bhardwaj, CTO at XinFin, will be one of the guest speakers at the event. The event will be held at Theatre @Nest, Innovation Centre, NTU from 6:30 PM till 9:30 PM on 27th March 2018.

Event Outline –

The event will bring together few globally reputed speakers who are experts on blockchain related to all kinds of blockchain applications. Few of the industrial use cases will be from the field of finance, trade, education, exchanges and payments. This platform will offer the students of Nanyang Technological University a great opportunity to research and understand the technology applications in the real world while displaying their thought leadership on the related subject.

Karan Bharadwaj who is leading the advancement of XinFin’s Hybrid blockchain platform has also led the design and execution of popular XDC protocol. He is an enthusiast and encourages community associations, including the blend of university and industry alliances. Karan has a vast experience in blockchain technology space and has worked on several platforms such as Ethereum, Intel’s Sawtooth, Bitcoin, JP Morgan’s Quorum and IBM’s Fabric.

Points of discussion covered under XinFin’s Presentation –

  • Introducing of Blockchain technology to the students
  • Discuss XinFin’s Hybrid Blockchain Technology
  • A brief case study from the current POCs of XinFin
  • Extending development environment to students for building DAPPS effortlessly

About XinFin –

XinFin is a Singapore based Blockchain technology firm who introduced ground-breaking Hybrid Blockchain technology to the world to create safer and scalable solutions for international trade and finance industry. XinFin’s utility tokens are listed on five major exchanges and the company recorded extraordinary trading volume at 20% higher value than token contribution price. The utility tokens are available at following exchanges – Bancor, Alphaex, Forkdelta, as well as .

The company has a pool of experienced advisors as part of its advisory board like Roger Ver, Mate Tokay and Jason Butcher. XinFin had raised $15 million worth digital assets earlier this year from its initial coin offering and secured rewarding commercial partnerships with international industry participants like Ramco Systems, to implement blockchain solutions for its 500+ clients in HR, Supply Chain and Aviation.

XinFin launched its first blockchain based trading platform, called TradeFinex, at Assocham (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) and extended the platform to 450,000 participants.

Follow XinFin at –

Twitter: @XinFinF