Becoming value investors with Ethereum and TCAT Tokens

By Steven Anderson February 7, 2019 Off
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Whether about buying Bitcoin or Ethereum, investors are beginning to think like owners. After the price crash of cryptocurrencies, investors are looking to becoming value investors. While profit-making is a major goal, contributing to a valuable service brings in a sense of fulfilment.

However, not all value investors are equal.  Some are better, and others are mediocre.  Some have very little funds to start with.

While there are no hard and fast rules, the basics around value investing is to buy securities for a decent discount and holding them until a value is realized.  Bargain or buying at the low is the key.

Warren Buffet has famously stated that “Buying a dollar for forty cents.”

The logical framework around the value of a token whether Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or any other Altcoin should be primarily understood.  People are not going to be able to sell nothing for something.  The value of the token will not increase simply.  What contributes to the price hike is something that every investor should study when expecting returns and price hikes for the property they purchase.

Every token comes with its own Theory.  Bitcoin proposes a theory of anonymous transfers.  Ethereum for dApps, TCAT for Real news and so on.  It is to be known that theory is one thing; however, does it work in practice? If the theory will really work, then it is money and price hike. 

For instance, in the privacy-focused Zcash, it was recently discovered that hackers would be able to create as many counterfeit coins as possible.

A blog post from October in the past year expressed that the vulnerability of Zcash was specific with counterfeiting and that it did not affect the privacy of its users in anyway.  Before the remediation, it was possible for an attacker to have created a fake Zcash thus going undetected.  However, this counterfeiting vulnerability has been remediated completely and that Zcash users need not do anything about it.

Despite reported issues for each and every kind of token, there continues to be fans and loyal investor following.

Understanding why someone wants to invest in cryptocurrency matters. Profits or purpose? There is no profit without a purpose.  The purpose should be geared towards fulfilling the cause.  When the cause is about sustaining Truth. Everyone will want to invest.  The truth will ultimately live past all the fake noise. Those investors who would like to support truth and make profits at the same time will want to buy into TCAT tokens.