Dash and Stellar Lumens are having a great time going Bullish in the Cryptocurrency Market

By Maheen Hernandez April 9, 2019 Off
Bull Run

Dash is an alternative coin, and it has been showing outstanding performance ever since the past month.  It is expected for the price of Dash to cross the 900 to 950 USD by 2020.  The short-term performance of Dash indicates a strong buy.  Dash market is hitting the bull’s eye. At the time of reporting the news, Dash was trading at $135.84.

Dash has been recently enjoying a lot happening in its favor.  Investors have accepted Dash enthusiastically, and this has reflected on the price of Dash a lot. Dash has been considered to be amazing because it provides for cost-effective and speedy transactions.  They have a lot dedicated to the developmental side of the tokens.  The privacy element of Dash is its unique selling point.  Dash ensures security by providing bounties to those who voluntarily want to be a part of identifying the bugs in the code.

Nearly 10% of the block rewards are directed towards funding the projects that the users vote for.  The security of Dash is made Robust by the advanced encryption process.  Dash has a double tired network with incorporated master nodes. Users will be able to earn money by incorporating master nodes.  For all these reasons, DASH is considered to be inherently valuable.

Stellar Lumens is biased towards the bull.  The price of Stellar Lumens is likely to accelerate towards $0.1500.  The price of XLM tested the $1.350 resistance level, and it is currently correcting the lower price level.  The bullish trend line provides for support at $0.1150.  The price re-tested the resistance area and formed a new yearly high at $0.1362.

The 4-hour-chart for Stellar Lumens showed a bullish trend line with support seen at $0.1220.  In cases where the price corrects at a lower level, there is likely to be a bullish interest near the $0.1250 level.   On a higher level, initial resistance is seen at $0.1320.  Closing at $0.1350 will set the tone for gains at $0.1450 and $0.1500 levels.

The 4 hours MACD for XLM/USD is coming down from its bullish slope.  The 4-hours RSI is correcting lower at the 50 levels. Critical support levels are seen at $0.1250 and $0.1220.  The key resistance levels are seen at $0.1320, $0.1350 and $0.1450.

At the time of reporting the news, Stellar Lumens was trading at $0.13. Stellar is continuing to focus on connecting banks, payment systems, and individuals in a reliable and quick manner.