Cardano has initiated the Shelly Era Providing for Cryptocurrency Stake Pools to the Community

Maheen Hernandez By Maheen Hernandez April 18, 2019 Off

The Cardano (ADA) Network is advancing towards its goal of complete decentralization.  The price of the Cardano versus the USD has been hovering at the $0.083 range.   Several literary figures have inspired the many stages of Cardano development. 

Lord Byron inspired the Byron phase.  Percy Bysshe Shelley inspired Shelly.  Joseph Goguen inspired ‘Goguen.’  François-Marie Arouet, the French philosopher, inspired the Voltaire phase.

The upgrade dubbed “Shelley” for Cardano has initiated the Shelly Era, where the control of the network is being handed over to the community by way of stake pools.

Cardano has gained widespread recognition for being Ethereum Killer. Ever since 2019, the price of Cardano has been bullish versus the USD.  This was as well the case when several other Altcoins were failing, regardless, ADA managed to maintain the degree of bullish momentum.

Cardano price is currently facing resistance at $0.11, $0.095, and $0.88 respectively. Support levels are seen at $0.06 and $0.07 respectively.  The RSI of ADA was trending between 30 and 70.  The RSI indicates that the price of Cardano will be making a big move.  The next significant move in the market might be as high as $0.88, $0.95 and it can ultimately go as high as $0.11.

If Cardano retests the $0.11 level, it will likely be a breakthrough in the price of Cardano.  This can renew the interest of the investors in the Cardano token, providing for higher gains versus the USD.  Despite, chances are high for the USD to fall down to $0.70 in the short term.

Charles Hoskinson tweeted:  “Don’t complain about the BSV delisting and cite free speech or some other appeal. It doesn’t exist with private companies.”  Further added, “(1/2) Exchanges are not public utilities, they are businesses often run by private owners. If you want a utility, then invest in or use a DEX. Don’t complain about the BSV delisting and cite free speech or some other appeal. It doesn’t exist with private companies.”

Similarly, censorship accusations were given by Changpeang Zhao, the co-founder of Binance.  He tweeted:  “Everyone can make their own decisions. Everyone has influence. Even you, if you sold a coin you don’t like (theoretically, it does affect the price, no matter how small), is that centralization? At what level does it stop being centralization? Who decides that level?”

CZ further stated, “There are plenty of other exchanges out there. We don’t make decisions for other exchanges. Our decision is part of the natural selection process, so is yours. We are just a small part of the community, who are super supportive of our decision.”