New BitNautic Wallet Makes Financial Transactions FASTER & CHEAPER for Seafarers

By Sydney Ifergan April 26, 2019 Off
BitNautic Wallet

BitNautic Wallet is designed to make international financial transactions more convenient for seafarers. It also has plans to come up with debit card.

Financial transactions are going to be EASIER than ever for seafarers. Shore professionals struggling with high markup fees and slow nature of international financial transactions can finally heave a sigh of relief. Leading blockchain-based shipping platform BitNautic has come up with its state of the art BitNautic wallet which will make financial transactions faster and cheaper for seafarers.

The BitNautic wallet is developed with the ethos to make it adaptable to the specific needs of the seafarers. It even considers the needs of the folks with those the seafarers engage in regular transactions, like their family members & employers.

“Seafarers often have to conduct financial transactions in foreign currencies that are not always used by their family members or employers. Two methods are mostly used here. One is international wire transfer which is simply slow and the other is the quite expensive Western Union. We are looking forward to make such transactions both faster and cheaper with our alternate payment system. Our BitNautic wallet is just the thing you have been waiting for”, stated a leading spokesperson from BitNautic.

The new BitNautic wallet is the first version of the wallet from Bitnautic. An Ethereum-based decentralized wallet, the BitNautic  wallet supports all kinds of ERC20 tokens. It sports a nifty as well as fully loaded interface and features all the major operations expected from an industry-leading wallet.

BitNautic wallet stands out with a host of amazing features:

  • Allows users to import or create ETH HD wallet
  • ability to manage various accounts and addresses
  • Easy transfer of BTNT and ETH

Speaking further, the spokesperson mentioned about a series of next-gen features to be implemented in the wallet in near future.

“We are looking forward to a dynamic future for the wallet, marked with constant advancements. Our wallet will be used to validate the steps of the supply chain by scanning QR codes on the containers and to digitally sign bills of lading in near future. We are aspiring to redefine the naval logistics scene with blockchain and our wallet will be our most fitting ally here.”

BitNautic is also on  plans to launch a debit card connected to the wallet so people will be able to use their BTNT credit with instant cash in cash out through a partner exchange.

BitNautic wallet is compatible all recent iPhone handsets, starting from 5S models till the newest iPhone XS.