60% of Investors Choose Cryptocurrency Exchange on Recommendation of Friend

dan saada By dan saada May 16, 2019 Off

Belfast, Northern Ireland will be getting a Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency for local goods and services.  The city council is hoping to attract stakeholders who will be willing to contribute to the ecosystem.

The introduction of the Belfast coin is to encourage the locals to spend money locally to contribute to the local economy.  It is expected for the Belfast coin to provide a boost for the local business, eventually helping the council achieve their long-term goals.  The improvements are inclusive of environmental improvements.

A Tricky Ad hints that the California based e-commerce platform will provide for the creation of a favorable cryptocurrency environment by accepting Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum, etc.  The banners at the Consensus conference in New York indicated so. However, there are contradictions on whether the information is correct as there are no official statements made in this regard as of yet.  If eBay should accept cryptocurrency and become beyond the rumour, the digital market will begin paying attention to digital currencies.

A recent HBUS survey revealed that 19.58% of the people who are holding cryptocurrencies are long term holders.  About 60% of those who were surveyed chose their cryptocurrency exchange based on a recommendation made by a friend.

Research from Fidelity investments has to state that about 22% of the institutional investors are already holding digital assets.  Fidelity investments have plans to launch their BTC trading within weeks. Investment vehicles on the news have triggered newfound retail interest.

Chainalysis research claims that only 376 people have been holding a third of all the Ether.   The large holders in the cryptocurrency market are known as “Whales.”  It has been seen that large whales do not move their money very often. 

Grauer stated, “The majority of whales aren’t traders,” she said. “They’re mostly holding.”  She further stated, “We’re excited to bring the models that have been applied to the stock market to cryptocurrencies.”

Chainalysis collected data on Ether ranging from early 2016 until April a little before the surge of Ether and Bitcoin.  Grauer states that the relationship between Bitcoin price and Ether do back their findings. She, however, felt that it was unfortunate that the Bull Run did not happen a month ago as it would have been a part of their findings.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss facilitate paying for everyday retail products using cryptocurrency.  One of the people familiar with the processes who preferred to remain anonymous stated that this project is “Experimental.”