Can I Introduce You to Didi Taihuttu and the “Bitcoin Family?”

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Are you familiar with Didi Taihuttu and his wonderful family? Do you know what his family did several years ago that took a lot of courage and determination? This article is about an unusual family who took a leap of faith into the unknown and has been living a very interesting lifestyle. It’s an honor to be able to tell you about just some of their accomplishments thus far.

Didi Taihuttu is the father of the “Bitcoin Family” who decided to sell their belongings and live only on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In the Summer of 2017, they decided to radically change their lives and sold everything, and began to live out their dreams of travel and charitable giving. Their desire was to down-size and live a simple lifestyle without a lot of possessions. Didi sold his house, car, cashed in his pension and savings and bought bitcoin.  

This beautiful family is from the Netherlands and  has 5 members. Didi, Romaine (his wife) and their three children: Joli, Juna and and Jessa. Didi earns a living by trading, writing, speaking engagements and cryptocurrency consulting. Didi sells books and a crypto course on his website. I’ll mention this again at the end of the article. At last count, they have visited over 40 countries. 

Didi and his family are now affectionately known as the Bitcoin Family. More and more people around the world are becoming aware of their journey. Several magazines and news outlets have written about their family journey. They travel all around Europe and elsewhere in a camper van to explore and discover the places where cryptocurrency is accepted as a means of payment. Didi insists that his goal isn’t to become wealthy. In one interview, Didi said that, “We decided that if we got rich we would share it with the poor.”

For Didi and Romaine, it’s important for them to show their children you can still be happy in life without life’s luxuries. They enjoy educating their children on how the blockchain and cryptocurrency are helping to change the world. 

Their website is Didi has a blog and writes interesting articles on various subjects. He also has a “Calendar” link so you can see where his travel locations will be. I’d highly encourage you to follow their journey. Feel free to tell your friends about Didi and his family. You can contact them on their website if you want. 

Their newest adventure, which starts on June 1st, is called the Caring Tour. They are currently looking for sponsors, media partners and influencers to help them. I would encourage you to sign up for their newsletters on their website.  

Didi’s story is quite remarkable. He admits that in life you will have ups and downs. But in the end, there is nothing more beautiful than spending quality time with your family and teaching his children how to enjoy life.

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