Cryptocurrency Is a Technological Feat to Several New Investors

By dan saada May 26, 2019 Off
cryptocurrency investors

The cryptocurrency space is moving fast.  The volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market has made it very difficult to maintain the workforce in different exchanges.  During the bear market exchanges had to lay off.

When talking about the sustainability of the cryptocurrency space, Kraken Austin Alexander stated, “There is a lot of competition; however, it is very healthy. If you look at the reality I think this has just kind of been widely known that there are a few legitimate exchanges with legitimate volume out there if you go to coin market cap and scroll down the list of a thousand transactions, you know 990 of them are all bullsh*t. “

Several “Big Boys” who tried to “move aside” the existing crypto platforms.  They were trying to copy paste the traditional rules when establishing exchanges simply; however, they failed due to the highly bearish situation which prevailed in the cryptocurrency space.

While the Altcoins like TCAT tokens, Stellar Lumens and many others were valued at an optimistic note previously during the bearing market, the price pump of Bitcoin has recently affected its valuation.  Ever since the crash of 2018, the cryptocurrency recovered and continued to trade in the ranges between $7,600 and $8,300.  Analysts, however, think that the King coin will spiral down a bit more.

Max Keiser, a Wall Street Veteran, has to stay that the “Crypto Spring is Here.”  The broadcaster in the Keiser report stated that the global economy was undergoing “deglobalization.”  He had previously stated, “Bitcoin is hard money” that is similar to gold and also said that it is going to respond well to hyper money printing and hyperinflation.

Stacy Herbert stated when deglobalization would hit the economy; one would go along with Bitcoin.  The current meteoric rise of the price of Bitcoin has created an impression among investors about Bitcoin being digital gold with colossal potential.  There were legitimate for and against opinions expressed regarding this ideal.  Bitcoin is increasingly gaining recognition daily.

Ari Paul stated, “Fidelity’s cryptocurrency culture is bonkers. Literally hundreds of passionate advocates at every level of seniority at the firm. They have more people working on crypto than the five biggest crypto funds combined.”

Digital assets are considered to the next big deal in the economy. With so much happening, the cryptocurrency is a technological feat to several new investors who are just trying to understand it.