Individual Cryptocurrency Tokens Are Establishing a Niche Market for Themselves

dan saada By dan saada June 2, 2019 Off

Litecoin, also known as Digital Silver, is just a little away from halving.  Litecoin ranks number 6 with a return on investment of 2550.41% The 24-hour volume is at 4,396,054,428 USD, and the market cap is currently at 7,068,893,398 USD.  The price trend for LTC is moving upwards, and the value is likely to close with $200.

“Kraken Litecoin (LTC) withdrawals now support all address formats – Bech32 (native SegWit starting with “ltc1”), M (P2SH starting with “M”), and L (non-P2SH starting with “L”). Existing addresses aren’t affected; only new addresses will need to use the new formats.”

The Bitcoin bulls have been plugging the Steller Lumens in a sideways and sluggish movement for the year 2019.  Despite, Stellar Lumens have been establishing a niche market for itself by signing up partnerships with Giants like IBM.

A rare technical formation is seen for Ethereum.  One of the famous cryptocurrency traders stated, “$ETH: Similarly to BTC, we currently are being rejected from previous rising wedge as support is now resistance. I am still short term bearish on this for now, and think we could still see $230 range.”

While there can be some price action for Ethereum shortly.  Josh Olszewicz, yet another investor, stated, “1D $ETH 100EMA/100SMA crosses have only occurred four times in $ETH’s history, with a 5th cross happening in the next few days.”

While there is a continual debate on whether Ethereum will reach new price ranges in the upper direction or lower price, the direction that Ethereum will take will be dictated by how the aggregate market will be moving ahead.

Balaji S. Srinivasan, the former CEO of Coinbase, stated, “We think a large number of people will obtain crypto not by buying it or mining, but by earning it.”

Wagner stated, “For any of us to succeed, crypto must succeed.”  He told this when he was discussing how EOS will go live in Coinbase Custody.

Social media was intended for good, and it is not pursuing the cryptocurrency.  Facebook giant as a prominent and well established social media, is now turning towards cryptocurrency.

TRON has re-entered the top 10 positions.  The announcement from TRON read thus:  “I did it! Big win for the #blockchain community! Big reveal June 3. Stayed tuned! #TRX $TRX $BTT #BTT.”

Several cryptocurrency communities have been dismissing the idea of the announcement about an announcement.  These announcements have been enticing users to invest in TRON without any real reason to point to.  The reality will unfold on June 03, 2019.