Crackpot Ideas about Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency Central Bank

By Steven Anderson June 28, 2019 Off

The mainstream has been scrambling about cryptocurrency, the price of Bitcoin has been on a roller coaster ride, and it has tested its barrier at $13,000.  Bitcoin created a new record at $13,700 on Wednesday. However, the stellar trend did not last for too long.  It crashed down to $12,700.  However, the market dominance of Bitcoin surpassed 63%.

When the news was reported, the price further went down to $11,200 and it is expected to go down to $10,000.                     

Among the several Altcoins which also includes TCAT tokens, it was seen that EOS and Bitcoin SV (BSV) lost about 8% of their value recently at $667 and $219.67 respectively. It was found that Link was touching upon unexpected growth levels and it was being sold at costs of $2.42 per token.

Stephen Moore’s Decentral, “attempts to perform Fed-like duties in terms of regulating the supply of crypto in the same way as the Fed controls the supply of money for the U.S. economy.” However, the name is a marketing gimmick because Decentral will function like any other cryptocurrency as it will also focus on creating new coins at an algorithmically determined pace.

Decentral is designed in a way to work as a stable coin. So, people are not going to believe in cryptocurrencies until they have a decent reason to think so.  However, there is no practical reason for Decentral to call itself the Central Bank for cryptocurrencies. Someone charitably called these “crackpot ideas.”

With so much going on, many are confused about how and where from to enter into the world of cryptocurrency. Many are looking for ideal schools which will train them about technology.   The ins and outs of the cryptocurrency market place are also about how to sell and buy cryptocurrencies.  Many courses are out there doing the job, but it is a real-time practice that makes it work.

Some analysts opine that the price of Bitcoin is escalating so much at a faster pace than expected.  A pause or sideways trending is undoubtedly expected.  If the price trend continues as it is now, we might soon touch upon the bubble phase ahead of time. There might also be a very early correction. While volatility is fuel for many traders, it is not expected by traders who do not like a crazy ride.

The current technical set up in the market is tremendous.  A parabolic move is expected considering the scale of the base and the current price making it towards a breathtaking price projection. The current price is considered to be moved by crypto use cases, but in the existing wild trends, investors better set their exit price.