This dynamic MNC blockchain development company aiming to unite the crypto world: Sydney Ifergan

By Sydney Ifergan July 12, 2019 0

“I’m positive about TNC’s mission to unite the crypto world”- Sydney Ifergan

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are reportedly the solutions to create a fair, decentralized, transparent and secured world for tomorrow. But, to deploy these two modern technologies at their best potential, there is an urgent need of collaborative endeavour on part of crypto platforms around the world. And one MNC is driven by this strong mission to unite the crypto world for a better future.

Titled “TNC IT Solution Group”, the MNC blockchain development firm aims to support potential blockchain projects worldwide through funding, resources and guidance via M & A (Mergers & Acquisitions). And what has really impressed me that the company has already obtained major collaboration with blockchain experts, industry leaders as well as chief technology-inclined enterprises. TNC’s native token is Tokenncoin.

TNC IT Solution Group is scheduled to have the official launch on 16th July, 2019, at the premier Rockefeller Center, NYC. Poised to be an esteemed and much-awaited event in the crypto scene, the launch program is expected to be attended by around 200 influencers from the blockchain world as well as industry-leaders from varied sections of society. Among the many dignitaries to attend the event, one of the most esteemed names is Vít Jedlička, crypto expert & the President of emerging micronation Liberland. As a senior advisor of TNC, I and the whole team are really excited to have Mr. Jedlička as a key speaker of the launch event.

TNC is always looking for prospective blockchain startups and platforms to absorb them into its extensive worldwide network via M&A. The company’ scope of work or service includes- merging with new emerging token companies, comprehensive blockchain consulting, total blockchain solutions and connecting token companies with seasoned blockchain developers.

TNC is backed by more than 500 blockchain developers worldwide who are eager to help companies struggling hard with blockchain adoption and implementation.

One of the best things that I love about TNC is its constant endeavour to extend best possible management & technical insights to these promising blockchain portals so that they can explore their full potential and enrich the crypto space further.

Personally, I am proud to be part of the TNC team which is graced by esteemed advisors and partners across the blockchain sector. From token issuance to token listing, to token marketing to token security to legal assistance to tech support- TNC will extend all needed assistance to the blockchain companies it liaises with.

TNC has already started on with appraisal of major 1700 crypto & blockchain companies listed on CoinMarketCap and looking forward to connect to many more in the coming months.

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