ExMarkets shoots high on top of search engines with organic results, assures great exposure for IEOs

By TCA PR July 30, 2019 0
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ExMarkets has claimed a place on top of search engines with complete white-hat SEO and purely organic traffic and also assures fantastic exposure for the IEOs hosted on its platform.

Talk about crypto platforms’ most favorite exchange for hosting IEOs and ExMatkets tops the list with élan. The leading crypto exchange is currently the “only” crypto exchange to rank high on top of search engines for several keywords. A higher rank on Google eventually results in greater exposure for IEOs hosted on the exchange.

No wonder ExMarkets has fast become a go-to portal for crypto platforms seeking a potential launchpad for starting their IEO fundraising projects on an established cryptocurrency exchange.

Amid the horrid reports of exchanges resorting to inflated data to pull in more traffic, ExMarkets’ top rank on search engines with pure organic results is certainly a welcome news in the contemporary crypto space.

“It’s a great feeling to see ourselves on top of search engines and that too with organic efforts. We are extremely strict about our business approach and are trying to deliver the greatest amount of value to our customers. We believe in the ethos that if you offer quality service and implement strategic efforts, you are sure to attract awareness and stand out in the competition”, stated a leading spokesperson from ExMarkets.

Speaking further, the spokesperson stressed on taking to a highly targeted keyword research and systematic SEO to boost their rankings on the search engines. 

“We are backed by an intelligent, knowledgeable and dedicated team who are working hard to improve our platform and welcome more traders. We are glad that our high volume organic traffic assures excellent exposure for the IEOs and the tokens we host.”

The top exchange is already hosting a long line of IEOs and is scheduled to host many more in the near future. ExMarkets has partnered with some of the most breakthrough crypto projects such as EMJAC which is a blockchain platform dedicated to recycle waste tyres globally to generate green sustainable energy. Then, there is FESSCHAIN IEO which is aspiring to make electronic transactions and settlements faster and more secured than ever.

About ExMarkets– One of the most renowned names in the crypto exchange scene, ExMarkets is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange based in British Virginia Islands. The company assures user-friendly and secured trading with all major coins and many new promising coins as well.

For more, please check https://exmarkets.com