Low cap Altcoins and Altseason at Work – Market Wide Sentiment

By Steven Anderson October 4, 2019 0

Low cap Altcoins are considered to be those who will provide for some natural growth potential when compared to middle and large-cap tokens.

The mid-cap and small-cap Altcoins like TCAT tokens, Stellar Lumens etcetera occasionally make it to the spotlight when the Bitcoin moves in a bearish trend. Sufficient evidence has been established to show that Altcoins do make it on the better side when the giant is not doing as well as its investors expected it to perform. This also happens when the major coins are trending sideways, and the investors get overwhelmed, wondering whether they are going to see the Altseason at work.

Just like the significant coins, the Altcoins also bump into the crisis mode, and some disappear out of the market, yet others re-bounce and make their way back in the price charts bringing relief to their investors.

Whether investing in large-cap Altcoins or small-cap Altcoins, investors are concerned about their profitability.

Crypto investors are very much concerned about the positions held by their peers. Whether they have to set a stop loss or allow the prices to go belly up are the current discussions in forums.

Some Altcoins have sustained downtrends for months. After months of loss, some coins tend to show signs of life. The trend shift for Altcoins is mostly when the Bitcoin fades in glory. Not all investors are capable of investing in Bitcoin; some of them are interested in diversifying their risks to other digital assets.

Some believe that the Bitcoin bear market in the year 2018 was caused due to increasing numbers of ICOs and rising numbers of Altcoins popping up each day. It was at that time that the Bitcoin went parabolic and set an all-time high of 20,000.

Altcoins like XRP are now setting new lows. And the sentiment surrounding Altcoins is also very low.  Analysts are wondering that it might be a trend where the bear market might not end for the Altcoins just like it did for Bitcoin.

A commonly seen trend is that while the price is heading south, the direction deepens and several Altcoins behave like the mirror versions of each other. I am eventually leading to value bleeding and slow recovery and painful scenario who have hoped on the tokens.

Most of the Altcoins trend in market-wide sentiment and very few of these coins trend slowly.  However, unless they are too weak, they are here to stay.