Will Ripple Strategies Work for XRP

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson October 7, 2019 0
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XRP has recorded a drop of 21% over the past 20 days, and the price has decremented from $0.31 to $0.25.  It is quite possible that Ripple would improve on the mass adoption of XRP by organizing several awareness campaigns.

The current scenario is not any good for Ripple; however, for those who are planning long term investments, this might be just about the right time. It is expected for the XRP to be trading at 0.26 in the upcoming week.

Samsung Electronics America has teamed up with Finablr, which is a RippleNET member.  The two companies together are planning to add a new payment feature to Samsung Pay Mobile App, which will permit people to send money to nearly 47 countries by using different kinds of payment options.

The cross-border payment technology of Finablr would serve more than 25 billion people in nearly 170 countries from across the world.  The firm stated, “Money Transfer is the first step in our vision to evolve Samsung Pay into a platform that makes users’ financial lives more convenient.” It is not clear so far whether they are considering the use of blockchain technology or using the digital asset XRP.

The Keystore app of Samsung is available on the Galaxy 10 smartphones, which will be permitting people to store their private keys for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum-based tokens.

Though XRP is trending downward, some analysts opine that it is too early to sport the bear suit.  Several analysts have predicted that a 170% to 4600% increase is possible for XRP.

The Ripple rebranding is expected to bring its share of influence to the table. Ripple faced its share of struggle with competition and regulation, eventually weighing down on the bottom lines.

Despite the market happenings, there are several reasons to be positive about the future of XRP.  Traders are expecting to see a price rise in the short term close to the 200 EMA at $0.28 and $0.30.

A recent tweet from APompaliano read, “I’m interviewing @bgarlinghouse tomorrow to discuss Ripple, XRP, and much more. Send me your best meme of him, and I’ll show him during the interview, which will capture his response in real-time.”

Whether the current Ripple strategies of rebranding will work is not something that can be discussed right now.  It is too early.  However, the treasury unlocking 1 billion XRP is interfering with the scarcity factors.  Some time is needed to have these events cast their impact and the Ripple effect to follow from its investors. 

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