Cryptocurrency Trend Flowing From The Larger Cap Cryptocurrencies To Mid And Small Caps

By Steven Anderson October 7, 2019 0
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The numbers of TRON dApps are growing.  TRX/USD is exchanging hands at $0.0152.  The movement of the price of TRON beyond $0.0150 improved the short-term picture of the token and provided a momentum that helps push the cost to the next barrier at $0.0152.

There have been a lot of allegations on the TRON ecosystem concerning accusations about slow development, inverted price growth, and unfulfilled promises of TRON about the crypto trajectory.  The TRON community has come up with TRON improvement proposals, and one of them read thus:

“Our next effective proposal, Proposal #3 – Removal of GR Genesis Votes, was proposed by @_CryptoChain_ and approved by 25/27 #TRONSRs on  18/11/8.”

One of the crypto-enthusiast stated:


The dominance of Bitcoin is beginning to decline.  People are looking towards a trend shift.  Higher lows and higher highs were seen on the trend chart; now it is lower highs and lower lows for Bitcoin.  This is a clear indication of a trend reversal. Some of the more significant cryptocurrencies are as well following suit.   The influence is flowing from the more significant cap cryptocurrencies to mid and small caps.

Litecoin as a crypto asset is trending a breakout.  All the technical indicators for the Litecoin are looking good.  The Stochastic RSI is in the mid-range channel, which is indicative of a bullish trend. However, the uptrend might happen only when a breakthrough is seen at the 67.5% Bitcoin dominance.  This might be happening in three or four weeks.

LTC started early this year at $30.46, and when the halving approached, it was at $143.58. After the reward for miners went down, there was a decline in prices down to $56.64.

The Dodge coin has risen to remarkable levels considering that at the time of its launch, it was not considered to be of any serious value in the cryptocurrency market space.  The coin touched its all-time high value at $0.0185. It began a downtrend since January 2019.   The price of DOGE has been very volatile, considering the historical parameters.  The price of DOGE is predicted to be at $0.0201 on Dec 31, 2020.

A consolidation of the price is expected until July 2020. There are not too may tokens, which are sustaining stability.  All the tokens are influenced by the significant cap coins, and the volatility in the market is unpredictable.  While each token is trying to sustain, the ecosystem brings its slap, and tokens have a hard time coping.