DASH Continues Support for Latino American merchants at remote and face to face level

By dan saada November 5, 2019 0

Dash can move your money in just a second for less than a cent.  They can help move any amount of money at any time anywhere in the world.

Dash Latam was forcefully ended in Venezuela and Latino America.  This left several merchants helpless.  However, Dash, considering the situation in Latin America, stated that they would continue to provide advice and support to the merchants both at the remote and face to face level.

A lot of administrators manage the governance system of Dash.  This makes it possible for Dash to finance proposals, thereby contributing to the improvement in the usability factor of DASH.

Anyone is free to submit their project focused on promoting and improving the usability of DASH.  DASH Latam was a similar organization that provided several good proposals geared towards the commercial adoption of DASH in several cities like Venezuela and Latino America.  The project featured several promoters who explained and advised consumers about the moves of using Dash as a payment method and the incentives available for using it.

There were budget cuts, and this eventually led Dash Latam’s proposal to be affected and finally close their operations.  This has nothing to do with the usability of Dash as digital money.

Dash Latam CEO made a disclosure statement, which led to considerable controversy, and investors thought that Dash had closed its doors.  They believed that those investors who are holding Dash would have to convert it to a different digital currency.

Clarification is therefore provided that the Closing down of Dash Latam has nothing to do with the operations of DASH.  Dash will continue to function as always. 

Dash has decided to start with Crowdfunding to help with administrative expenses and to provide for the support required to advice more than 400 merchants.  The merchants are currently feeling disoriented.

Crypto worth, is a multi-purpose asset management solution using cryptocurrency.  They have integrated Dash to their platform.  They are providing tools that can be used by accountants, miners, traders, managers, investors, and enterprises.

The integration of Cryptoworth will help investors to be able to manage their assets across multiple wallets.  They will be able to have business tools that will be useful for employee management. 

Chatex, a P2P cryptocurrency exchange, will as well be adding Dash support.   Chatex tweeted:  “Dash is already available in the bot. Store, buy, sell, or transfer coins worldwide.”