No Bearish Thoughts on ChainLink because it embraces Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Intel, IBM

By Maheen Hernandez November 10, 2019 Off

Smart Contracts that are connected to real-world data, events, and payments are provided for by ChainLink. The inputs to the Chainlink network are tamper proof, and the outputs are good enough for any complex smart contracts.

The Chainlink Virtual Hackathon, which happened from October 14, 2019, to October 31, 2019, served as an excellent opportunity for people to learn about the growing ecosystems of Oracles accessible with Chainlink and the data providers.

ChainLink works with major corporations like Google and Oracle, providing them with the secure oracles required for the next generation smart contracts.  Chain Link also works with SWIFT concerning banking technology, helping them connect banks with smart contracts with Enterprise-Grade Oracles.

End-To-End Reliability is crucial in smart contracts to maintain the overall Reliability, and Chainlink provides for Reliability.

One of the tweets about ChainLink recently read thus:  “I can’t comprehend these bearish thoughts on $link. Are you nuts? Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Intel, IBM all-embracing #Chainlink working side by side towards global enterprise adoption of blockchain use. If you own crypto, you should applause for the work they do right now. FFS.”

The first Chainlink Virtual Hackathon got overwhelming support from the community.  The Chainlink official channel recently tweeted their thankfulness to sponsors, mentors, and several hundreds of them who helped showcase the power of ChainLink.

Further, the winners of the event were announced on November 08, 2019, and they were congratulated on the #BuildWithChainlink.  The value of the wins was:

  1. First Place was 15,000 USD equivalent worth of LINK to LinkPal, which is a peer-to-peer ETH to Fiat decentralized escrow via Paypal.
  2. Second Place was 8,000 USD equivalent worth of LINK to Cerebus Wallet, which is a two-factor authorization for crypto-transactions made using phone push notifications.
  3. Third Place was 5,000 USD equivalent worth of LINK to Flyt, which is flight insurance, which permits customization of the insurance policy.  The insurance premium can be paid using crypto.
  4. Judges’ Choice (1,000 USD equivalent worth of LINK)

The Official Channel of ChainLink tweeted their welcome note to Prophet node, “We’re excited to welcome @prophet_node as the newest node operator to further decentralize the Chainlink network. They’re backed by a team of blockchain enthusiasts and early adopters with a wealth of blockchain infrastructure experience.” The prophet is the project of early crypto enthusiasts and the early adopters of blockchain technology.