How the blockchain influences the music industry

By TCA PR November 18, 2019 Off
k-tune music blockchain

The blockchain we hear so much about today is revolutionising every sector, from finance to the so-called supply chain, including the music industry.

One of the platforms we will often hear about is the Swiss-Korean K-Tune, which connects musicians and producers for the creation of new music tracks.

The platform is open to all genres of music, albeit with a special focus on the K-Pop genre, very popular in South Korea, from where the company originates.

In this respect, the blockchain protects copyright and will give musicians the opportunity to monetise their works, without having to go through record labels and other intermediaries that, in the traditional world, take a high percentage of revenues.

Currently, K-Tune is in beta version, but it is already possible to register using email and password.

How to buy music on the blockchain

The homepage, called Arena, allows users to buy audio files through the virtual currency of K-Tune (KTT): the website already shows various tracks available, as shown in the following image:

How to sell music on the blockchain

If, on the other hand, I am a musician and I want to use K-tune to apply for some offer, I have to use the Camp section, where it is possible to view the various proposals and earn KTT tokens.