Investors Are Considering this as the Right Time to Invest in NEO While NEO 3.0 is all set for Release

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson November 24, 2019 0
Neo 3.0 price of neo

NEO, the Chinese Ethereum, is talked of as being one of the top success stories in the cryptocurrency market.  The price of the NEO has increased.  About a month ago, the NEO was trading at $7, and the price is now trading in the $12 ranges. Investors are considering this as the right time to invest in NEO.

NEO 3.0 is all set for the Release, and there is a renewed focus in the Chinese cryptocurrencies.  There have been critical blockchain-based political announcements in China, and this led the NEO’s price to burst.

In the past month, the Chinese president Xi Jinping called the blockchain technology to be “an important breakthrough.”  The Chinese leadership has promised that the state would not stand in the sidelines instead would encourage the adoption of the blockchain technology.

The Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) in China is long-awaited, and investors are of the opinion that NEO blockchain might be used to host the DCEP.

The NEO 3.0 version is expected to come in 2020.  The popularity of the NEO might likely be further accelerated. It is expected that NEO will become famous as a development platform on which several other digital currencies might come in to being and will be let for use in circulation.

NEO has currently signed up with several partnerships.  The company has partnered with ZelCore Wallet to improve its mass adoption in the global economy.  NEO and Ontology are also said to be collaborating, providing for an interoperable protocol that will drive developments in the forthcoming years.

The unique features of NEO, like the NEO being indivisible with an additional crypto-asset known as GAS.  The GAS is used to pay the fees on the NEO network.  Developers can use different programming languages when developing NEO.  They can apply common languages like C#, C++, Java, and the Go to Code smart contracts.  NEO develops the concept of smart economy. Even an asset like a house can be digitalized, and for that reason, any asset type name-able can be digitalized.  NEO is striving to become the foundation for the next-gen Internet.

Those who invested in NEO in July 2017 when the price was at $6, then anyone who made a $100 investment might have made a 2600% return by January 2018. Right from when the NEO was rebranded from Antshares to NEO, it has been growing simultaneously.  The price of the NEO has been fluctuating sharply from $6.87 to $12.51, which is an 81% hike.