Blossom Upgrade is set to improve on the Speed and Scalability of Zcash – Dec 11, 2019

By Maheen Hernandez December 8, 2019 0
zcash Scalability Blossom Upgrade

Zcash, a digital currency based on strong science, protects the privacy of investors.  The token is based on zero-knowledge, and it permits the transactions to be verified without having to reveal the name of the sender or the receiver.  The Zcash transactions are private.  The transactions are made transparent to facilitate wallets and exchanges which do not support private transactions.

Research scientists from MIT, Technion, Johns Hopkins, Tel Aviv University, and UC Berkeley have contributed to the Protocol.

The Zcash Foundation has recently donated 1,044.41369 ZEC to a Canadian Non-Profit Open Privacy. 

George Tankersley, director of engineering at Zcash Foundation, stated, “One of our goals … is to do more work with external users and even competitors of Zcash and to allow that to drive our priorities going into 2020.”

The Zcash Development Fund Debate is ongoing.  The community polled recently. Miners, account holders, and forum members were permitted to participate in the poll.  The decision in the poll can be approved, disapprove or abstain.  A range of proposals was forwarded for the poll.

The results revealed:  “The Zcash Community is in favor of continuing to fund Zcash development and the proposals that have the most community support call for a development fund that is 20% of the issuance. The main differences between these proposals lie in how that 20% is allocated and controlled.”

Old and new accounts show similar preferences.  Miners did not cast their poll, and their preferences are not known.

The Blossom Upgrade is set to improve on the speed and scalability of Zcash.  On Dec 11, 2019, at a block height 653600, the next major upgrade is all set to happen.  The network upgrade guidelines provide information about getting ready for Blossom.  The Blossom Information Portal provides exhaustive information concerning the upgrade.

The Ethereum News provided for a small price work for Zcash.  The short-term trend provides for a potential uptrend if the daily trends would clear their EMAs.  In the long-term trend, it is seen that a bottom is forming.

The Ethereum Improvement proposal contributed in a great way to influence how Zcash price trends will work.  The news has provided for improved energy; however, a reversal in price trends is common following such situations.

The interoperability between Ethereum and Zcash was reasonably good after the Istanbul upgrade.  More creative functions will be enabled.  The codes of the opcode can be adjusted easily, and the performance can be improved.