NODE IEO Starts, Giveaways & Competitions Announced

By Steven Anderson December 10, 2019 Off
ProBit GO node token


Today the NODE IEO officially started. Pocket Node the application supporting the NODE token has been available for download for months. Currently, there are over 1000 active users. With the IEO period set to last under three weeks and a media push planned along with podcasts, interviews, and conferences NODE should see plenty of coverage the next few months.

For those interested in the NODE IEO it is available exclusively here: ProBit NODE

The price per NODE is $0.013 and a 15% discount is given if BTC, USDT or PROB is used. The hard cap is set at $600,000 with the soft cap set at $50,000. The soft cap was hit during the presale and a direct listing is already confirmed.

An extensive media rollout seems to be in the works with the standard outlets targeted but also social media platforms.

What is Pocket Node?

Pocket Node is a 1-click mobile masternode staking platform. With staking growing in popularity and masternodes almost impossible to set up, Pocket Node was born. The platform currently boasts over 10 cryptocurrencies with the ability to possess your private keys and have authenticator built in.

Once the IEO completes a new list of coins will be announced driving community engagement among many new speculative staking/masternode tokens.

For those that want an alternative to mining, staking through masternodes is a great option. Pocket Node is the simplest solution for those interested in staking many of the up and coming cryptocurrencies.

Giveaways & Competitions

The Pocket Node team has already planned extensive giveaways and trading competitions once the IEO completes. The 1st two giveaways already concluded giving away over $1000 in NODE.

The third giveaway is currently running and can be found here: NODE Giveaway

Giveaways are an exciting way to get community members active on social media channels. In many countries $10-$100 is a very significant amount and winning this through a weekly competition builds sentiment with users from the wealthiest, to those who can’t afford masternodes but want to trade the NODE token. Giveaways are fun and drive engagement but what else? A trading competition is being planned following the IEO according to the team’s socials.

The trading competition is scheduled to begin December 23rd, 2019. This coincides with the IEO which is scheduled to run from now until December 22nd (or until the hard cap is hit).

With a trading competition already planned, a giveaway running, and very active socials it seems NODE is setting the stage for their IEO.

Pocket Node Socials

Pocket Node conducts many of their giveaways via their social media channels (Twitter and Telegram) for those interested in entering the most recent $500 and $300 in NODE giveaways.

Social media channels provide an engaging way to contact the team. They are always eager to talk to individuals about which coins should be added, what other exchanges should be targeted, and what features needed to be added to Pocket Node.

The rapid growth of their socials can be tied to compelling giveaways and the strong support network of influencers and the community behind NODE.