Horizen Special Affiliate Partner to Give Away ZEN for finding them a Merchant

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Nowpayments, an exclusive affiliate partnership with Horizen tweeted: “GET #ZEN FOR FINDING US A MERCHANT! We’ve teamed up with @horizenglobal to offer you a great deal! If you bring us someone ready to accept #crypto most easily, you’ll get $25 in #ZEN and a percentage of their conversions for life!”

Horizen Multi-language Functionality 

Robviglione discussed the unique design capabilities of the side chains, including privacy and the related multi-language functionality.  The consensus mechanisms are entirely customizable.

Horizen (ZEN) has a market capitalization of $49.96 million.  ZEN traded up by 1.9% versus the USD over the 24 hours.  Being a Proof-of-Work (POW) coin, it functions with a multi-tiered node system.  The governance model is fair and sustainable.

The Sphere is the Flagship App of Horizen.  The app is a launching point for most of the Horizen services. 

It facilitates complete wallet functionalities that support full and lite clients.  The ZenChat provides for a secure messaging feature.  The company keeps adding new functionalities.

Recently, node tracking changes and enhancements have taken place.   There have been significant changes to the secure node and supernode tracking servers.  The node operators have been asked to report and monitor issues.

Horizen Economic Incentive

One of the tweets read, “Part of the design method for #Horizen is to make sure that everyone participating has economic incentive to participate.”

Changes to the weekly roll-up of the reward payouts provide individual payments for each node.  The payments roll in one payment.  This will reduce the number of transactions and help overcome issues related to managing payments in software and hardware wallets.

The numbers of nodes and the third party applications are continuing to grow.  The API rate-limiting process helps reduce the load.  The API rate is taking place slowly. This is not likely to take place immediately.

Horizen tweeted:  “Horizen mainchain updates required sidechain model: Continuing the developments for the required changes to allow backward transfers from sidechains to mainchain, creating python tests for code and functions coverage. – Block Explorer update related activities: Began updates.”

Recently, the news was doing that rounds stating that Horizen was prospecting the blockchain throne of Ethereum.  Horizen now calls themselves a privacy platform as they preserve the confidentiality of their transactions in the side chains.  Horizen is continuing to work, and they are iterating towards and beyond web 3.0.  The Horizen team is traveling across continents in 2020 to sell themselves.

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