EOS Investors Eager to See How 2020 Unfolds

By dan saada December 31, 2019 Off
EOS investors

Vitalik Buterin has taken an interest in EOS-based social media project called the “Voice.” Voice to launch on February 14, 2000.  Vitalik.eth stated, “I would also really welcome experimentation in this area.”

Dan Larimer, co-founder of block.one in response to YouTube content blocking, which took place recently, stated, “It’s time we start buying physical copies of books again, in a digital world book burning is too easy. It would help if you assumed you do not own/control anything on your phone. We are increasingly on the path to all software being “permissioned” by the powers that be.” He further stated, “Today Youtube censors crypto, tomorrow amazon censors books. Get your books now before they are banned.”

Several pioneers in the cryptocurrency industry felt that “YouTube needs decentralized alternatives ASAP.”

EOS software creator Grants

Block.one is the EOS software creator.  And Voice is introduced by block.one. EOS VC is the venture capital arm, and they have recently opened grants and awards which are worth $50,000 for projects which are seeking to improve on the EOS ecosystem.

EOS VC stated, “Project size is not a barrier; we welcome world conquerors and local heroes.”

EOS VS has several other investment initiatives.  The primary focus of the grant program is to help improve the EOS ecosystem.  This is to provide for funding avenue for several different projects.  The business viability of the project is considered to decide on the grant for the applicant.  On a case-to-case basis, the applicant gets evaluated. It is not apparent until now on whether the grants will be in fiat currencies or the form of cryptocurrencies.

EOS Incredibly Valuable Things

Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one, stated that these platforms are to “use their users.” He further said, “Just look at the business model. Our content, Our data, Our attention. These are all incredibly valuable things.”

The headquarters of EOS is in Hong Kong, and its primary mandate is to invest more than $billion into diversified portfolios of projects and companies who make use of EOS protocol.

EOS recently performed well, and the token managed to beat the odds, and the price has been moving in the uptrend.  The current price is somewhere at $2.6916.  Investors are hoping to see some stability, and they are watching the price very keenly. However, the market continues to be volatile, and short-term traders are exerting caution in their decision making. With all these influential factors in the ecosystem, we need to see how 2020 unfolds for EOS. 

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