Nash Cryptocurrency Exchange With their plans for 2020 Permits Buying and Selling Bitcoin trading pairs

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nash exchange

Nash offers different products like the Nash Exchange, Funds management, Nash mobile, and Nash pay.  The mission statement of the company is about facilitating prosperity by creating Capital freedom.  Nash focuses on providing genuine borderless finance and a secure self-custody.  Fabio Canesin is the co-founder of the Nash Exchange (NEX).

Nash Exchange provides its native cryptocurrency NEX.  The price of NEX reached 0.08 on exchanges. Those who are looking to buy the NASH exchange token will be able to get it for $0.83 or 0.00011405 BTC in exchanges like Switcheo Network, MXC, and TOKOK.

[email protected] tweeted:  “In 2017 I said at the EU parliament that most member states would start tests with sovereign currencies based on blockchain by 2020 regardless of their current (at time) view on the blockchain. That is the future Nash is building for; blockchain is to cash as the internet to mail.”

In response to the above tweet, kobie1‏ @Kobie115 tweeted:  “Fabio’s i told u so moment ….. ;)”

Nash has published a review of its progress in 2019 and their plans for 2020.  In their significant goals for 2020, listed are

  1. Release of Bitcoin trading pairs on its exchange. 
  2. Create a state channel solution similar to Lightning Network. 
  3. Facilitate implementation of cryptocurrencies on the closely related blockchain.
  4. Develop a “second-gen authentication protocol.”
  5. Integrate Nash Pay and trading functionality into its mobile applications

NASH Distributed Finance and Partners

The Nash mission is to build a useful product to provide for digital assets management.  They are also concerned about bringing in the required compliance creating financial transparency.  Ultimately, providing for the safest and user-friendly platform.  As a company, they focus on ensuring individual freedom contributing to excellence in everything they do. They function efficiently with the backing of trusted industrial leaders.  The Nash team collaborates across the globe.

NASH Partners

Those who are willing to do business with Nash apply for a listing, or they become a currency partner.  Several leading investment firms in the market are partners with Nash. Flybridge Capital Partners, NGC – NEO Global Capital, Connect Capital, ARIA 256, Badwater Capital, KR1, Fathom Labs, and Maven 11 capital and more.  All of their partnerships are on legal compliance.

The application form for the listing is available on the website.  Project leaders who are willing to register themselves for token listing can use the application.

NASH Currency Partners

Nash collaborates with national currency partners in different jurisdictions to facilitate the buying and selling of digital assets. Investors can then store their tokens in their wallets. 

Referral programs launched frequently ensure newer people joining the system.  In the process of brand development, before the full product is made available to the public, Nash performs sufficient testing.

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