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3 Women Lawyers To Attend Legal Uncertainties around Cryptocurrency


Custodial solutions are in the rise with the coming of stable coins.  Fidelity recently announced their launch of an institutional platform for Bitcoin and Ethereum.  These platforms are designed in a way to facilitate the participation of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency market.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is continuing to expand its reach to the traditional financial market.  There is a need to build trust among the participants who are investing in the crypto space.  It is also important to respond to the legal concerns and the move should be innovative in a way to facilitate both accredited and non-accredited investors.

Lawyers who are proficient in matters related to cryptocurrency are becoming the major players contributing to the success in the adoption of digital assets at a global level.  Legal uncertainties around the cryptocurrency space are being addressed by three women lawyers.

Sydney Scahaub joined as the General Counsel at Gemini Trust Company, LLC.  She will be focusing on dealing with product initiatives, new jurisdiction expansion, helping to build the in house legal team.  She will be reporting directly to Cameron Winklevoss, the President of Gemini.

To establish trust, it is important for Gemini’s market surveillance technology and digital asset insurance to focus on the required growth and technology for creating trust.  A thoughtful approach is required in the regulation.

Sydney Schaub reported, “I am looking forward to working with new colleagues at Gemini to build the future of money”

This is the right time of growth for Gemini and it is at the right time that Schaub joined Gemini.  Of note, Gemini Dollar is the first kind of licensed and regulated stablecoin.  Being the first regulated, stable coin, Gemini is as well the first exchange to offer ZCash with license and approval from the NYDFS – New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS).

Tyler Winklevoss, Chief Executive Officer of Gemini, stated: “As a General Counsel for Gemini, Ms. Schaub brings with her tremendous experience in industry-disruption.” He further added, “Sydney is a trusted advisor with ability to handle complex deals and strategic partnerships as the organization continues to expand.”

Joshua Ashley Klayman, the Founder, Managing Member of Klayman LLC, which is a boutique blockchain focused law firm in New York City stated, “From a legal standpoint, certain steps should be taken to get more investors to the crypto-market.” Klayman further believes that the increasing number of investors will soon enter the crypto market.

Enhanced disclosure with respect to token sales, increased use of proceeds, founder token holdings percentage, and discounts are a few of the many steps to improve investor interest.



Veronique Dalli, the cryptocurrency lawyer, based in Malta has to state that she took to Crypto Law when she began getting inquiries about cryptocurrency and blockchain applications at Dalli Advocates, her law firm. She says when someone comes for regulation in the Malta that they look in to the White Paper very carefully.  The white paper should confirm to the respective ICO.


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