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A Brazilian University Launches Cryptocurrency Master’s Degree Course


In the city of Sao  Paulo, a Brazilian University is launching the first Master Degree Program/Course in Cryptofinance. The program comes with the goal of expanding and embracing the world of cryptocurrencies as part of the Brazilian Universities. Most of the subjects are related to the digital currencies and the mainstream of finance studies.

The Fundacao Getulio Vargas, a Sao Paulo based University has claimed and declared that it the country’s first Degree Program in crypto finance. Ricardo Rochman, the Program Organizer highlighted that the need for better educational resources is bound to the idea of digital currency courses and new program. According to him, cryptocurrency is a market where many people lack the expertise. Cryptofinance has financial and economic fundamentals that are worth taught, researching and discussing.

Michele Araujo, a 26-year-old economics student, expresses her side on the advantage of studying the market where anyone has the ability to know the conceptual gain and applications of the technology to cryptocurrency as one of the trends in investments. Today, cryptocurrencies are being incorporated into the said University. Last year, the faculty of the Economics and Administration of the University of Sao Paulo, decided to incorporate as well the digital currencies to its units which have been pioneered by Alan de Genaro, a well-known professor.

Alan de Genaro also said, “Some of the issues need to be presented although t does not work for all when it comes to the finance. You have to understand which among the factors are beneficial and which of them are not suitable to cryptocurrency.”

Not only professors and Universities are taking their actions. Just recently, Brazilian students formed their study group and start up a group of crypto finance. They decided to step up and build their own crypto inspire the group. The group is a combination of a junior company and a study group. The said group was named, Blockchain Insper. The group was built several months ago and was reported to have partnered with companies that operate digital currencies. This partner digital currency industry provides them with professional consultants and serving to the group.

Blockchain Insper was started by students of economics – Felipe Santos and Juan Perpetuo. Despite being the pioneer of the group, the two still managed to be humble and according to them, there is no point in doing the task on their own. Their goal has spread the importance of studying crypto finance and digital currencies to people. their dream is to create a hub that can assist all the students in the future innovation.

Today, the Blockchain Insper is consist of 23 members. The team is split into different research teams such as technology, finance, and business tasked with the execution of marketing, content, management, and events. All the students are linked to both the research and practical activities. There were also report about other Brazilian Universities who are also planning to incorporate digital currencies into their new programs and courses.

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