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A Financial Play on Fantasy Sports – 50% Bonus on FundFantasy’s ICO

Financial Play

Millions of people play fantasy sports every year. That industry is worth around $7 billion USD according to recent estimates. It is a lucrative business and it is also an incredibly fun hobby to have, so taking some elements from that model and applying its principles to the world of investment, while introducing a blockchain-based component into it, sounds like an idea with a lot of potential.This is what FundFantasy set out to do with its platform. FundFantasy will allow people to pick their market-based assets just like fantasy sports fans pick their players, so they can duke it out for the ultimate prize. FundFantasy however, will offer its players advantages that up until now, fantasy sports fans don’t necessarily have access to.

What Makes FundFantasy Great

Fantasy sports often follow the season of a given league. Players tinker with their teams in their bracket and when the season is over, combined player statistics determine who is the winner. With FundFantasy the opportunities to play are multiplied. The markets don’t go according to seasons, and there are more companies, assets and cryptocurrencies out there than players. Just taking the NBA and the NYSE as an example, there are 2,800 different listed companies as opposed to 491 players on NBA rosters. On FundFantasy players will be able to choose form all of these assets to build their portfolios and their success will be based on the performance of those assets in the markets. Therefore, players on FundFantasy will have access to:

  • More tournaments, with tournament times varying between an hour and a year.
  • With different time frames.
  • Different rules.
  • A wide variety of assets to build their tournament portfolios with.
  • Many more opportunities to win.

More Unique Features

Apart from these advantages, FundFantasy has more unique features that put it in a category of its own. All the tournaments are provably fair, powered by blockchain technology and prizes are paid out automatically using cryptocurrencies. These features that FundFantasy is introducing into the fantasy gaming genre, will make it a game changer in an industry dominated by fantasy sports.

The Opportunity

Therefore, the potential of FundFantasy is huge. There are many amateur investors and people who play with simulated portfolios out there who would be thrilled to take their knowledge and test it on a tournament with their friends. FundFantasy might even appeal to some of those fantasy sports players who could be drawn to the idea of being able to win without staking a significant amount of money in the markets, where the risks are significantly higher.

The social features that FundFantasy offers will also make it more attractive to people all around the world, because they will be able to set their own tournaments up, unlike most fantasy sports leagues. If the latest iteration of fantasy sports leagues – those that are played online – grew into a $7 billion USD industry from 1995 until now, FundFantasy’s potential, given all its advantages, could end up surprising many, especially because it is the first project of its kind, appealing to millions of potential players.

To Participate in the ICO click here: https://ico.fundfantasy.com

The ICO will be over on the 25th of March, don’t miss out.

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