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Avalanche Blockchain Faces Dwindling Activity: What’s Impacting AVAX and Derivatives Traders?

In recent developments within the cryptocurrency realm, Avalanche (AVAX) is experiencing a significant downturn, marked by a decline in transactions and a consequent drop in its price. As the crypto landscape navigates through these fluctuations, the implications ripple across markets and traders’ sentiments.

According to recent data, the Contract Chain (C-chain) of Avalanche, designated for executing smart contracts, witnessed a notable decrease in transactions over the past week. With a cumulative total of 7.66 million transactions processed, representing a 16.88% decline from the previous week, the trend signals a slowdown in activity within the Avalanche-based decentralized applications

Furthermore, the reduction in transaction volume correlates with a decrease in gas usage, which fell by 2.74% during the same period. Notably, smart contract interactions, known for their complexity, typically demand higher gas usage. Thus, the decline underscores a diminishing level of engagement with the platform’s smart contract functionalities.

The cumulative transactions on C-chain in the last week totaled 7.66 million, a notable drop from the previous week. This decrease also contributed to a 2.74% reduction in gas usage, highlighting the decline in smart contract interactions on the Avalanche-based decentralized applications.

Daily transactions on C-chain peaked during the Inscriptions frenzy in December, surpassing 5 million between the 15th and 25th of the month. However, the momentum couldn’t be sustained in 2024, with daily transactions hitting as low as 200,000 on February 6th.

The trajectory of Avalanche’s transactional activity has notably shifted since the Inscriptions frenzy witnessed in December. During that period, Avalanche recorded a surge, with more than 5 million transactions occurring between the 15th and 25th of December. However, as the calendar flipped to 2024, daily transactions dwindled significantly, with figures dropping as low as 200,000 on February 6th, signaling a stark departure from previous highs.

The impact on AVAX, Avalanche’s native cryptocurrency, is palpable within the existing framework. Avalanche adopts a mechanism wherein it burns all revenue generated from transaction fees. Consequently, higher transaction fees translate to increased deflationary pressure on AVAX. However, with the recent decrease in transactions, the outflow of AVAX from circulation has also declined, as reported by Avascan.

This reduction in deflationary pressure has potentially contributed to the 1.1% weekly decline in AVAX’s price. As market dynamics respond to these shifts, derivatives traders have also exhibited a bearish sentiment towards AVAX. The decline in spot price has mirrored a dip in the money locked into AVAX’s speculative market, as observed through Coinglass data.

As of the latest update, the Open Interest (OI) in AVAX Futures contracts stands at $193 million, reflecting a nearly 5% decrease from the previous week. This decline in OI, coupled with the diminishing spot price, reinforces the prevailing bearish sentiment among traders.

Moreover, the proportion of short positions taken for AVAX has continued to rise in comparison to long positions, further solidifying the bearish narrative. As the market dynamics evolve, traders remain vigilant amidst the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency investments.

In conclusion, Avalanche faces a challenging period characterized by declining transactional activity, diminishing deflationary pressure, and a growing bearish sentiment among derivatives traders. As stakeholders navigate through these fluctuations, a keen understanding of market dynamics and emerging trends becomes paramount in shaping investment strategies and decision-making processes.

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