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Banks Supporting Bitcoin (BTC) and Did Satoshi Create What Can Be called Benchmark in Technical Writing

Banks Supporting Bitcoin (BTC) and Did Satoshi Create What Can Be called Bench Mark in Technical Writing

Cobra expressed:  Satoshi Nakamoto’s immense talent for writing and explaining things in a simple and concise manner are underrated. He once said he’s better with code than with words, but I actually think the opposite is true.

Twitter handle Cobra calls the bitcoin White Paper the Benchmark in Technical Writing.

Community Response:  How many ‘papers’ (non-crypto) have you read?

Quite a few? Academics tend not to write using accessible language, and instead only target other experts in their fields with their writing. Satoshi put in the extra effort to make sure the bitcoin whitepaper could be read and understood by nearly anyone.

What Satoshi wrote is not Bitcoin as we know it. It’s NOT. The interpretation of it as Money, when its characteristics clearly make it a money like substitute, serves the indebted, Wall Street BIS led, surveillance state. It’s not fungible.  It’s not low barrier.  It’s not cash like.

Even fiat doesn’t track all participants. In crypto, basic tech skills remove anonymity. And analytics delivers whole picture. Which makes narrow supply moot, because transparency makes it about gambling and manipulation. Gold was cornered without total transparency. Let that sink in.

Meanwhile Michael Saylor stated, soon every bank will need to support Bitcoin to remain competitive.

This Saylor stated in response to Australia’s largest bank enabling Bitcoin services for their 6.5 million user banking app. Thus, their customers will be able to buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin starting next year.

All these banks and app to purchase seem like a poor place to buy if you are unable to withdraw no matter how much they might help.  They deter what bitcoin is and can do.

Seems like Ross Stevens was right about the banks by the end of the year 2021

No doubt – they cite increasing engagement with their app as the main reason driving this decision. They are twice as big as the second biggest bank. They will all follow suit.

CBA have always been the leaders when it comes to tech. Westpac, NAB and ANZ will take years to adopt.

Where is the Bitcoin denominated bond market? Who wants a mortgage denominated in Bitcoin? Banks just do what earns them fees. They know Crypto is useless collectibles.

There is a different kind of bank run coming: By holding Bitcoin, banks can use gains (or DeFi yield, or cash-carry) to provide customers with *actual* high interest savings accounts, like 10%+ to keep ahead of inflation.  As soon as one bank does this, they all need to.





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