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Binance Enforces Stricter Measures Against Account Misuse: Rewards Offered for Verified Reports

Binance Enforces

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled a series of new security measures aimed at curbing the misuse of account features. These measures are designed to enhance the integrity of the platform and ensure a fair trading environment for all users.

Addressing Account Misuse

The introduction of these measures comes in response to the discovery of certain users exploiting account features to gain unfair advantages. Binance’s new approach aims to create a healthy and sustainable market environment that prioritizes the interests of all users.

To combat account misuse, Binance has announced that stricter actions will be taken against violators. These actions may include the suspension or termination of accounts involved in misconduct. The exchange emphasized that misuse not only harms the platform’s reputation but also negatively impacts the experience of the majority of users who follow the rules.

Types of Accounts and Misuse

Binance offers various types of accounts including sub-accounts, managed sub-accounts, and fund manager accounts. These account types serve legitimate use cases but can be misused by bad actors. Such misuse often involves circumventing controls to access better fee rates and higher API limits, which gives an unfair advantage to certain users.

The exchange has made it clear that any unauthorized access to other users’ accounts constitutes a severe breach of its Terms of Use and Know Your Customer (KYC) / Know Your Business (KYB) policies. To address these issues, Binance has enhanced its monitoring of all account activities and usage.

Encouraging User Participation and Offering Rewards

Binance is not only tightening its security measures but also encouraging user participation in identifying and reporting misuse. The platform has introduced a reward system for verified cases of misuse, with the reward amounts being determined on a case-by-case basis. Users can report suspected incidents of misuse via email at [email protected].

Commitment to Security

Binance’s commitment to enhancing security measures is part of a broader effort to fight security breaches and protect the platform’s integrity. Recently, ZackXBT, a blockchain investigator, commended Binance for its proactive role in helping the broader community during security incidents. He noted that despite facing criticism from the media, Binance’s security team actively supports victims and provides incident response, demonstrating a dedication to community support.

For instance, on June 22, Binance was praised for its efforts in assisting during security incidents. This proactive approach includes working with victims and providing necessary support during and after security breaches.

Collaboration with Authorities

Binance’s efforts extend beyond internal measures. Richard Teng, CEO of Binance, highlighted the exchange’s collaboration with authorities to address security threats. Recently, Binance worked with Turkish authorities to investigate a malicious attack on Btc Turk, a Turkish cryptocurrency exchange. This collaboration resulted in the successful freezing of over $5 million in stolen funds, showcasing Binance’s commitment to maintaining a secure trading environment.

Legal Challenges and Continued Efforts

Despite its proactive security measures, Binance is currently facing legal challenges. The company is under scrutiny in Nigeria, where it faces money laundering charges. Nigerian authorities have accused Binance of illegally moving $26 billion out of the country. This ongoing case highlights the complex regulatory environment Binance operates in and the challenges it faces in maintaining compliance while providing robust security.


Binance’s new measures against account misuse reflect the exchange’s ongoing commitment to maintaining a secure and fair trading environment. By enhancing monitoring, encouraging user participation, and collaborating with authorities, Binance aims to protect its users and uphold the platform’s integrity. The reward system for reporting misuse underscores Binance’s proactive approach in engaging its community to safeguard against misconduct. As Binance continues to navigate regulatory challenges, its dedication to security and transparency remains a cornerstone of its operations, reinforcing trust among its vast user base.

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