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Binance Sparks LUNC Token Surge with Substantial Burns: Terra Community Rejoices

The Terra community experienced jubilation as the LUNC token witnessed a substantial surge in price over the weekend. The primary catalyst behind this surge, as revealed by a community member, is the prominent crypto exchange, Binance. This article delves into the details of Binance’s involvement, the impact of token burns on LUNC’s value, and the broader implications for the Terra ecosystem.

Binance’s Role in LUNC Token Burns:

According to MrDiamondhandz, a Terra community member, Binance has significantly contributed to the recent surge in LUNC’s price through substantial token burns. Data from LUNC Metrics confirmed that Binance executed a burn of over 2 billion tokens on February 1. This strategic move triggered a notable increase in LUNC’s price, marking it as one of the most significant gainers during the weekend.

On February 4, Binance continued its commitment to token burns by incinerating an additional 135,000 LUNC tokens. This continuous action is perceived as a contributing factor to the sustained upward movement of LUNC’s value.

Token Burning Mechanism and Terra’s Strategy:

Token burning plays a crucial role in the Terra community’s strategy to revitalize LUNC, especially following the LUNA crash in May 2022. To implement this, a 1.2% burn tax on all on-chain transactions was introduced, a measure that Binance agreed to support. The ultimate goal is to reduce LUNC’s circulating supply to 10 billion, fostering scarcity and potentially increasing its value.

Binance’s Significant Contribution:

Binance stands out as the primary contributor to LUNC token burns, having burned over 51 billion tokens to date. This figure represents an impressive 52.2% of all tokens removed from circulation. The exchange’s proactive involvement includes substantial burns of over 5.5 billion tokens in January 2024 alone, emphasizing its commitment to the Terra ecosystem.

Current State and Future Prospects:

Despite these substantial burns, LUNC still maintains a circulating supply of 5.78 trillion tokens. Achieving the envisioned milestone of LUNC reaching at least $1 necessitates further token burns coupled with increased demand. The development team remains actively engaged in enhancing LUNC’s utility, collaborating with Genuine Labs to integrate IBC Hooks and Packet Forward Middleware into Terra Classic. This integration aims to boost liquidity and support cross-chain DeFi applications, fostering Terra’s compatibility with the Cosmos chain.


Binance’s pivotal role in executing substantial LUNC token burns has emerged as a driving force behind the recent surge in its value. The Terra community’s celebration reflects the collaborative efforts to enhance the token’s scarcity and utility. As Binance continues to play an active role in token burns, the Terra ecosystem stands poised for further growth and integration, presenting a positive outlook for LUNC’s future. The ongoing commitment of both the community and Binance exemplifies the collaborative spirit within the crypto space, fostering the resilience and development of innovative ecosystems like Terra.

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