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Bitcoin Price Hit $4000 On Saturday Lifting Along Altcoins

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Cryptocurrency first market mover, Bitcoin’s price is gradually picking up. On Saturday night the price shot to $4162. with a 4.18 per cent surge.

The swell has shot BTC’s total market cap to over $73 billion and its dominance in the entire cryptocurrency market to 51.5 per cent. For the past four weeks, the growth rate has been inching forward with such a commendable element of stability.

Some market analysts have recently been projecting the price will fall.  However, it has performed contrary to that view and gone up at a slight rate.

While some community members credit the crawling pace of growth to JP Morgan Chase’s announcement to issue a digital currencyto facilitate faster payments, others have thrashed that evaluation.

Though it is early to make a conclusive judgement, it is a boost for the entire value of the crypto market. At the time of filing this report at 23:00 GMT+2, the market capitalisation of all cryptocurrencies was well over $141.9 billion.

It is a piece of exciting news since the bitter crypto winter has been very depressing for the global cryptocurrency community considering how the market cap dropped from $800 billion beginning in late 2017 stalling adoption.

Top 10 In Green

With the exception of Tether which went down by 0.09 per cent, all the elite coins were in green.  EOS once again put a smile on the faces of its holders by leading the pack with a 10.51 per cent increment.

Besides, Smart Contract pioneer, Ether went up with a 7.72 per cent while Bitcoin Cash who is about to implement anonymity made 7.20 percentage point.

Bank Transfer Blockchain XRP, on the other hand, nailed it 6.35 per cent. Stellar and Litecoin were also in the winning business chalking 4.97 and 4.63 per cent respectively.

On the 9th position, Tron scored 2.70 per cent and was followed by Binance who seems to have monopolised the 10th spot gaining the least growth on top 10 rankings with a 0.82 point.

Overall, almost everywhere on CoinMarketCap was shining with green. On top 100 for instance, only 11 digital currencies fell in value.

A striking gain was posted by S4FE that was listed only 2 weeks ago. It grew a mountainous 76.32 per cent to become the 72nd most valuable currency.

All indications point to the coming of good things on the market. If the trend keeps going in this direction, then we are in for a bumper harvest in 2019.

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