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BookKeeping System for Mom and Pop Businesses and Giants Accepting Cryptocurrency


Gilded have come up with a Book Keeping and Invoicing system based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Gilded is an invoicing and bookkeeping startup, and they have shipped their platform into public beta.  This milestone has occurred after several months of integration and development.

Gilded claim to be different from the rest of the developers in the Ethereum ecosystem.  There are several solutions up and running based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine; however, Gilded have stated they have integrated and leveraged the solutions offered by most of these providers in their system.

This bookkeeping and invoicing system is free to use until November 30, 2018.  This system is functional with most of the EVN compatible projects.  Most of the crypto community are well aware of this project.

Now in public beta, this system is compatible with Request Network (REQ) and MakerDAO (MKR) and other EVM compatible projects.

The Request Network is the most integrated. This decentralized protocol is server-less, and it makes use of Ethereum to create invoices to detect the payments automatically.  The invoice and bookkeeping system from Gilded will be useful to crypto-friendly business owners.  This system has simplified the way in which receipts and invoices can be managed, particularly for transactions made in crypto.  It can be compared to Quick books.   However, these Quick books are meant to manage crypto transactions.

The developers at Gilded have not completed the development process.  They are continuing to interact with the Request Network to complete a few aspects of the integration. The v2.0 is the recent protocol upgrade, and it has dramatically benefited Gilded customers by the comparatively lower Ethereum gas prices.

Several companies in the blockchain space are expressing their interest in the crypto bookkeeping and invoicing product. Several paying companies have already signed up for the product.

Also, it has been revealed that the Gilded team is developing a range of additional features which will be based on the MakerDAO’s Stable coin Dai.

They are collaborating with Kyber Network (KNC) for the “DAI / ETH conversion.”  This conversion is expected to be very easy.  They are collaborating with Wyre on fiat based capabilities.  They are collaborating with 8x Protocol to deal with the recurring Dai payments. All of these product solutions are shipping not any later than March 2019.

A short public beta demonstration was uploaded by Gilded on to its YouTube channel. For those who are not sure of why not every business is not accepting crypto, one of the reasons is about the difficulty in manually calculating the costs. The bookkeeping system from Gilded will make it easy for mom and pop businesses to accept crypto.


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