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Brilliant Minds and Moves behind ETH EOS XRP XLM and Litecoin

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Polkadot (DOT) protocol as created by Ethereum (ETH) is an interoperability protocol based on the blockchain technology.

Gavin Wood, the Co-founder, is working towards fundraising $60 million in token sales.  It is expected that the additional token sale will bring the total value of all the tokens in circulation as well as the value of the tokens not issued.

Way back in 2017, Polkadot raised nearly $144 million. 

The market report of Ripple for the 4th quarter was released this week.  The report states that the sale of has plunged by 25%. Despite the decline in the sale, the token continues to be wildly lucrative.  With a lot of enforcement actions, experiments and scam projects went out of the market and only legitimate projects sustained.

Being funded by traditional venture capitalists, most of the revenue for Ripple labs came from selling tokens using the ICOs Business models.  Most of the operations depend on tokens sales to institutions for their funds.  XRP derives its USD value from BTC as it is traded against all other cryptocurrencies.

Stellar Lumens is the competitor of XRP.  Stellar is lagging behind XRP.  Mr. Peter Brandt stated that the current target of $0.0653 further down to $0.0015 to be worthless for Stellar. From taking this technical analysis into view, the idea of Stellar value going up due to the partnership with companies like IBM to create new platform and services does not simply seem to match. While the fundamentals are promising the technical analysis does not reveal the same for XLM.

In a government-sponsored ranking list from China, EOS is placed in the first position, Ethereum in the second position and Bitcoin in the 15th position. EOS is focused on building a network which transacts in millions ever second with a very promising ICO. This token prioritizes performance, and it provides only for the most necessary requisites for decentralization. The good enough reason that investors can see with EOS is that there are a lot of brilliant minds behind the autonomous open source software.

The Delegate Proof of Stake where investors are permitted to vote for block producers makes the network more responsive.  They are well funded and therefore provide for a fair ICO.

It was a mixed response for the New Litecoin Logo.  The daily trading volume of Litecoin is on the surge as they are adding more trading pairs and are being listed in more numbers of exchanges. About the logo, some of the members feel the change is confusing, while others are happy and receptive to the upgrade.

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