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Cardano Founder Takes Swipe at Solana Amid Mainnet Outage

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, even the titans of the industry aren’t immune to a little playful banter. Charles Hoskinson, the brains behind Cardano, couldn’t resist taking a gentle jab at rival blockchain network Solana amidst its recent mainnet outage.

The drama unfolded on Twitter, as it so often does in the world of crypto. Solana’s official account, @SolanaStatus, announced that engineers were investigating an outage on the mainnet-beta. Seizing the opportunity for a little good-natured ribbing, Hoskinson responded with a meme straight out of the gaming world.

The meme featured a gamer blowing into a malfunctioning cartridge before inserting it into an old-school PlayStation console. Accompanying the image was Hoskinson’s cheeky comment: “That always works.” It was a playful nod to the age-old trick of blowing into game cartridges to make them function properly—a tactic familiar to anyone who grew up playing classic video games.

This isn’t the first time that Hoskinson and Solana’s founders have traded barbs. The rivalry between Cardano and Solana has been simmering for some time now, with both sides engaging in a bit of friendly competition.

Last year, Hoskinson extended an invitation of sorts to Solana, suggesting that it could become a sidechain for Cardano. The suggestion came in response to a lighthearted poll initiated by ADA holders, but it nonetheless underscored the ongoing rivalry between the two blockchain networks.

Hoskinson’s playful jabs at Solana aren’t limited to the recent mainnet outage, either. Back in June 2022, he offered a tongue-in-cheek remedy to help keep Solana’s blockchain operational. His solution? A link to a YouTube guide on how to revive old video games—a nod to Solana’s technical difficulties at the time.

The Solana team took to their @SolanaStatus Twitter account to address an outage on their mainnet-beta, stating that engineers from across the ecosystem were diligently investigating the issue. Seizing the opportunity, Charles Hoskinson, the billionaire mind behind Cardano, responded with a touch of sarcasm. He posted a meme featuring a gamer blowing into a malfunctioning cartridge before inserting it into an early model PlayStation, captioned with a sly, “That always works.”

This playful banter comes after a history of public exchanges between the founders of Cardano and Solana. Last year saw a series of verbal spars and challenges thrown back and forth, creating a buzz within the crypto community. In September, Hoskinson went as far as proposing that Solana become Cardano’s sidechain, adding a humorous twist to a poll initiated by an ADA holder.

Unsurprisingly, Hoskinson’s comments didn’t go unnoticed by the cryptocurrency community. Solana’s native token, SOL, experienced a momentary dip in price following his latest jab, with a notable red candle appearing on the hourly chart. However, the price has since begun to recover, indicating that investors aren’t overly concerned about the playful exchange between the two blockchain networks.

As of the time of writing, SOL is changing hands at $94.37, a slight drop from its previous level of $96. While the fluctuation in price may be a cause for speculation among traders, it’s clear that the broader cryptocurrency market remains resilient in the face of minor setbacks.

In the grand scheme of things, a little friendly rivalry between blockchain networks like Cardano and Solana is all part of the game. In an industry characterized by innovation and disruption, healthy competition can often drive progress and spur advancements in technology.

As for Charles Hoskinson and the team behind Cardano, it seems they’ll continue to keep a watchful eye on their competitors while pushing forward with their vision for a decentralized future. And who knows? Perhaps a bit of playful banter is just what the crypto world needs to keep things interesting.

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