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Coalition of Crypto Startup Led By Ripple Ask Government to Support Blockchain Innovation

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Group of crypto startup headed by Ripple will be lobbying financial regulators and lawmakers in D.C to support the innovation on blockchain technology and digital currency.

The new alliance is called “Securing America’s Internet of Value Coalition” or SAIVC. The primary goal of this newly developed group to soften the stand of the government to blockchain and digital currency to encourage innovation as well as support competition in the environment of international crypto markets.

A report published by Bloomberg revealed that the alliance of crypto companies in Bloomberg has a plan to disburse Klein/Johnson Group, to help the community of blockchain and digital currency in handing over to financial regulators that this business requires firm support from the administration.

The alliance, along with the foyer group, will voice out complexities and problems with lawmakers and the SEC, IRS as well as other government institutions that have connections with digital currencies.

The fintech foyer group will purportedly receive approximately USD25, 000 per month and USD10, 000 in XRP from the alliance; this is according to the preface contract.  According to Bloomberg, the firm has a plan of converting the digital currency into fiat money once it stops the disbursement on government lobbying forms.

Together with Ripple and RippleWorks, an independent foundation, the alliance will also attribute digital disbursement company Coil, Yaka, a digital currency investment firm, PolySign, a startup which is ready to launch digital currency custodian.

Ripple executive Chairman Chris Larsen said that though the firm declares that the subject is “indeed complicated” because of a remarkable deal of propaganda, still there are more interests in this subject in D.C.

A few days ago, the United States House of Representatives proposed a bill to set up a digital currency task force to fight scams, frauds as well as the use of digital currencies by the terrorists. Last June, Jay Clayton chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission asserted that BTC isn’t security because of its function as a substitute for sovereign currencies. Weeks ago, one senior official of the institution asserted that ETH or Ethereum would not be controlled as security; Buterin co-founder of the top altcoin previously denied that ethereum was ever security.

Corey Johnson, the chief market strategist of Ripple, commented that this currency is 100% clear not security given that it doesn’t meet the criteria of what a “security” is based on the record of court regulation.

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