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Commitment to Improve the Security of the Entire Cryptocurrency Ecosystem


The overall cryptocurrency market gained $5.1 billion in 24 hours on March 27, 2019.  The market sentiments are crippled due to fears of revival.  Bitcoin broke below the $4000 mark on March 26, 2019.

Bitcoin was trading at $4063 early today, and this was 2.84% higher on a daily scale.  Similar patterns were seen in the past week.  The support factor is turning in to resistance at $4100, which is a break above the resistance and this can eventually drive the price to $4400.

Investors who are trading in Litecoin are looking for a break above $60 mark.  Litecoin is showing resistance at $60.  The coin has been trading at 4.225 higher on the daily scale.

Ethereum has been trading at around $134 and was looking to break past it down to $127 on March 26, 2019. On a daily scale, Ethereum is trading at 3.53% higher on the regular scale.

The market currently has positive news for Ethereum, EOS, and Bitcoin with a recent bounce back.

Meanwhile, Stellar Lumens, Cardano, EOS have gained popularity in the mainstream. Cardano has been trading at 9.32% higher on the daily scale.

The Altseason might likely be revived, if the gains are in the 5 to 10% range with a successful breakout from the region in the crypto bull market at around this time.

Even during bear market conditions, cryptocurrency exchanges are being hacked.  Market players like Kraken are looking beyond the widespread security measure like:

“The effort is about a commitment to improving the security of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem by performing vulnerability research versus 3rd party products – like hardware wallets, software wallets, and other related technology – and necessitating disclosure of identified issues in a way which does not necessarily jeopardize the security of the industry or clients, however, improve security for clients and the world the sooner the issues are fixed.”

Kraken Security labs declared, “Today, we are improving the client security experience by requiring Two Factor Authentication (2FA).  Currently, options prompted for 2FA are and YubiKey and Google Authenticator.”

Influencers in the cryptocurrency space follow major personalities to arrive at an opinion on a particular coin.  ‘Coinflict of Interest’ a browser-based extension is becoming a new point of discussion.  The major theme discussed is about the conflict of interest and bias in the crypto space.  The current interest in the market relates to what crypto entrepreneurs and influencers are supporting.

Binance’s CZ, Roger Ver, and Brian Armstrong are the everyday influencers in the market.

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