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Comparing TCAT Tokens with Altcoins for Performance and Competence


While giant cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin might be high in value, when it comes to analyzing the price for new coins what we need to look at are their percentage rise and drop in the price activity level. 

When different tokens are compared, it is the percentage change whether of rise or fall in price that determines the activity, under activity or competence level.  This is regardless of whether it is a comparison between established giants like the Bitcoin and Ethereum (or) a comparison of giants to a new coin like TCAT tokens that ranks #3276 by market cap. This kind of comparison is also for Altcoins.

Scalability and having to deal with high volume transactions have been an issue in the cryptocurrency industry.

Litecoin’s Lightening Network provides solutions to these issues.  This network was tested by nearly 4000 merchants for cryptocurrency transactions and therefore was received with positive response.

The approval for LN was made possible due to real-world approval from real people.  A similar Altcoin that looks at consensus from real people is the TCAT Tokens.  The TCAT Tokens allow real-time users to rate and vote on the authenticity of the news published on their website.  It is thus seen that the basic principle of success for any token is mass acceptance, which facilitates for them to meet support by establishing a valid impression in the psychological perspective of the traders.

TCAT Tokens are founded on a mission to restore reader confidence by providing for real news. Thus, offsetting the consequences of erroneous reporting.  An exclusive protocol that focuses on strategic editorial policies are used to prevent misinformation. Thus, fulfilling the journalistic moral obligation of reporting true news.

With improved regulatory standards in the market, tokens are listed in exchanges only if they meet the listing requirements.  TCAT Tokens are listed in #latoken #exrates #p2pb2b #alterdice and #localtrade! Investors buy these tokens from the exchanges. 

At the time of reporting the news, the all-time high for TCAT tokens was at $0.061733.  The all-time high date for the TCAT token is January 12, 2019, which is 9 days ago.  The stats show that ever since the all-time high, the 24-hour chart shows a 4.9% increase, one hour chart showed 0.1%, increase 7 days chart shows -30.1% decrease.

The trading view widget was not available for the site. 

“The Currency Analytics price for today is at $0.03558800.  The circulating supply of the coin is reported to be 320,000,000 and the total volume of the exchange was at $154,517.

The currency analytics Bitcoin Ratio is at 1 BTC = 99244.06 TCAT.

At the time of reporting the news, Exrates TCAT/BTC shows a price of $0.03629560 (0.00001028 BTC) with a 24h volume at $61,018 (1681129.981 TCAT) with 38.67% volume. 

TCAT/ETH shows a price of $0.03630537 (0.000313786 ETH) with a 24h volume at $53,975 (1486690.144 TCAT) with 34.20%. 

TCAT/USD shows a price of $0.03351597 (0.0334258 USD) shows a price of $39,524 (1179273.447 TCAT) with a 24h volume at 27.13%.

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