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Crypto Needs Rules per Winklevoss Twins – Riot Blockchain Launching Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange

Winklevoss twins

Winklevoss twins have been doing a lot for the cryptocurrency.  They have been doing a lot through their “fully regulated” Gemini exchange to change the Wild West image of this industry.

The cryptocurrency industry has been filled with hacks, scams, and several fraudulent security offerings.

Their “Crypto Needs Rules” came under severe criticism.  Enforcing rules is not possible unless one is running a full node.

Cameron Winklevoss in the past week stated, “Some have wondered why Gemini believes the Revolution Needs Rules.”

In the world of crypto-derivatives of the futures market, it can be widely seen that the spot prices of tokens differ wildly in exchanges. Due to the unregulated nature of the industry at large, exchanges in several jurisdictions are free to come up with their own derivatives in the futures markets.

Many times it is not clear to traders as to what they are speculating on.  They are wondering if the futures market will be converted to regular markets, the sooner the tokens are unlocked with the deposits and withdrawals getting enabled. Several exchanges were found to be providing grin markets even before their first coins have ever been mined. The numbers of exchanges willing to permit traders to speculate on the value of these assets are on the rise.

Bitbox, Bitmesh, Hotbit, Xena, and Monfex are a few platforms which are offering futures on several unlocked tokens.

Integrating the cryptocurrency with the mainstream market has been the major goal of several crypto companies “Great news! #Qtum holders can now use QTUM to pay at all shops via Apple Pay and Samsung Pay using @Zeuxapp #fintech #paytech #cryptocurrency #Zeux

The company has to state that Qtum can be used to trade by making use of the Zeus app.  This app can be further used to enable the users to link to the Apple Pay or Samsung Pay accounts.  The blog of the company read:

“Zeux reduces the friction of using QTUM in the real world and sticks to the nature of cryptocurrency by providing zero-fees on foreign transactions because blockchain technology is borderless! You can use QTUM wherever Apple Pay or Samsung Pay is accepted with your mobile phone on the Zeux app.”

Qtum, is based on Proof-of-Stake, which will be integrated with Point-of-Sale terminals from across the world.

Riot Blockchain will be launching a new regulated cryptocurrency exchange known as RiotX in the US by the end of Q2 2019.  The documents filed with the SEC have been published on March 14, 2019, by the regulators. 

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