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Cryptocurrencies with Perseverance in the Bear Market

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Most of the cryptocurrencies lost 80% oftheir value in the bear market.  WAVES,TRX, and PAL have exhibited extreme perseverance in the bear market. They evendecoupled from BTC.

TRX (Tron) launched their mainnet during the month of May. They released Odyssey 2.0 a public blockchain to support dApps. A $100 million gaming fund was declared to improve the use and development of TRX in games. Heavy funding is indicative of the commitment the team has towards the platform. Strong financial support is only going to make the adoption much easier. So much of dedication and funding during the bear market provides enough reason to stay positive about the progress of its tokens.

The market cap is more than $800 million.  The transactions per second of TRX is a lot better than Ethereum at 2000 TPS.

Justin Sun, CEO of TRX is very well-known in the cryptocurrency space. He founded TRX, and he recently told that he would “rescue” ETH and EOS developers by providing them with a better platform.  The $100 million development fund is probably geared towards this move.  Justin Sun, the founder of TRX, thus plays a great leader to TRX project. 

PAL (PAL Network) has a very tiny market cap at $2 million in the cryptocurrency space.  PAL has partnerships with major projects like QTUM, DGX, NEM, and MEDX. Val Ji-hsuan Yapwas, CEO of PAL was featured in Forbes.  The partnerships of PAL have a major role to play in creating awareness and utility.

PAL has an impressive volume despite lower market cap.  PAL was chosen to be a part of the PayPal Incubator Singapore. Though the blockchain model of PAL focuses on the United States, their notoriety is mostly in Asia. They have a very committed team, and that is the reason for why PAL beat the deadlines during the bear market. Another reason for why Forbes and Paypal choose them.

Cryptocurrencies commonly trend up or down the BTC.  However, Waves since the past month has been decoupling from BTC and has been developing its own trend. WAVES (Waves) one of the fastest performing blockchains provides real-world solutions like running smart contracts on decentralized Exchange (DEX) decoupled from BTC.  The value of WAVES went from 25250 Satoshis to 72138 Satoshis, this occurred when most of the other crypto in the market was following the BTC lower.

The recent trends of waves show that their projects are not dependent on the Bitcoin price movement. When compared to PAL and TRX, WAVES are leading the decoupling. The de-couplers are set to thrive better when the market resumes to a bullish trend.

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