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Cryptocurrency Lending Flourishes Due to Margin Calls


Viswanathan Shankar, CEO of Galaxy Partners, considers cryptocurrency as a highly risky investment.  Therefore, does not prefer to invest in the emerging and innovative cryptocurrency. 

He further stated he would invest in African and Asian companies.  Thus, providing for the needs of ordinary people.

The CEO of Galaxy Partners is not concerned about the all-time highs achieved by the Bitcoin currency or all-time lows.

Of note, he also previously warned about investing in space in the year 2017. In a recent interview, he added, “We are for biscuits, not Bitcoins.” 

Bitcoin being available at just a fraction of the price than in 2017 does not interest him.  He sounded a lot like the anti-Bitcoin Warren Buffet.  The middle class and the essential amenities required for the middle class is the point of concern.

With several other influential personalities talking ill about cryptocurrencies several crypto ventures are struggling for funding. 

Some borrowers are not willing to sell their digital coins at a depressed price.  Some investors are very interested in borrowing coins from those who are willing to sell short.  Those who believe in the currency are waiting to see the currency bounce back to the best price. There are others who are betting stating that the price will fall further down.

The cryptocurrency lending market is doing great during the bearish trends than during their good days. 

Michael Moro, the CEO of Genesis Capital in a telephonic interview, mentioned that in the current market the lending market is indeed being helped, he stated, “at least it has fueled the growth.”

Genesis was launched in a way to help institutional investors borrow virtual coins to deposit U.S. dollars.  The company has already issued $700 million in loans.  The company now has $140 million outstanding loans.  The company will be doubling their staff this year, by hiring at least 12 more people and they are as well looking to expand their base in Asia. 

Genesis according to Moro has been profitable from day #1.  It clients should be able to withdraw $1 million in cryptocurrency, they require them to deposit $1.2 million in fiat currency.

Other companies accept collateral for cash loans making similar lending at higher buffer prices.  For instance, BlockFi required clients to deposit $10,000 in crypto if they need to cash out $5000 in Fiat currency.

When the collaterals decline in value, investors get a margin call that they holdings would be sold off soon.  Zac Prince CEO of BlockFi stated, “We never had a loss of Principal.”

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