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Cryptocurrency Wallets in Smart Phones To Overwhelm Users Soon

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Samsung declared early on that they are looking to integrate cold crypto storage into their S10 series.

Related to the integration, Samsung has filed for a UK Trademark on December 27, 2018, at the U.K’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO).  The filing establishes that integrating cryptocurrency is on Samsung’s agenda.

Following the filing, the rumor mill has developed strong perceptions about the fact that cryptocurrency is on the Samsung roadmap.  The flagship phones of Samsung might soon have integrated crypto features.  The retail prices are expected at a starting range of $750.

“Trademark UK00003363431 Samsung Crypto Wallet” reveals little about what the company is heading towards; however, the term crypto wallet makes the feature unambiguous.

In the current scenario, users are left guessing if the wallet would be an integrated one or a standalone hardware wallet. It is also not clear if the trademark is an offensive or defensive filing. Does this confirm the intention of Samsung to develop a device shortly?

The concerns are raised because it is habitual for corporations to file for trademarks and patents productively.  Despite receiving a patent, only a handful of such patents convert to products that enter the market.  It has been revealed that on the same day when Samsung’s request for crypto wallet has been approved more than 42 trademark applications have been filed in the UK.

The numbers of Blockchain smartphones coming into the market are proliferating.  However, the numbers of new features are not many and if any are not as frequent.  The private key for the wallet will be stored in a secure segment that is kept separate from the core operations for the phone. This differentiates them from their competitors. Blockchain phones have not been an attractive component so far; however, very soon the crypto-enabled wallets will overwhelm gadget lovers.

Finney did not mean a lot to users due to its heavy design and not-so-good features when compared to higher-end phones.  HTC Exodus has not delivered yet. The bars are not raised yet for the blockchain enabled crypto phone market.  Being a giant player, Samsung stands a very good chance of establishing itself as a popular device the sooner it is launched.

We will soon get to know if the patent is just like one of the productive ones that giant corporations keep stock of.  Reality will unfold breaking perceptions and assumptions when the product hits the market.  We will be able to experience the reality of the people react to the features.

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