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Cryptocurrency worth $100,000 Committed to Charity

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Tron along with Binance has committed a tremendous amount in Charity payable in cryptocurrency.

Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron Foundation tweeted recently that Binance and Tron are donating $100,000 worth cryptocurrency to charity.

Justin Sun in his tweet expressed that the primary concern that is irking the world at present is a means to maintain transparency in vital sectors like governance, banking, and healthcare.

Blockchain technology has a vital role to play when it comes to sorting these issues, particularly so in Charity. 

In yet another tweet, Justin Sun cited the CZ’s post of the Binance CEO. The post talked about how the citation talked about helping those who are needy through charity.  He noted, how blockchain technology can solve concerns related to transparency.

Blockchain technology has slowly caught up with trends, and it has become the point of concern related to accuracy, transparency and a few other dilemmas that interfere with people’s mind when it comes to investing.

In the process of making a social change, Sun has tweeted that Tron partnered with Binance Charity Fund (BCF) and Malta to proceed with a charity using cryptocurrency.

The Tron founder’s tweet implied that TRON believed in blockchain having a vast potential to bring in social good.  Being a technology leader, the partnership with BCF and Malta is just one of the many ways of achieving change for the better.  He further reinstated that they also support the “Malta Community Chest Fund!”

Binance introduced BCF on December 19, 2018, to provide with the required assistance to charity channels to accept donations from people who are interested in donating.  Both Tron and Binance are focusing on supporting the Maltese National Charity.

The Malta Community Chest Fund [MCCF] is committed to improving the living situations and as well to relieve major ailing issues.

In a tweet, Justin Sun, as well recounted on the Maltese President’s views; In the tweet, he spoke about the launch of BCF donation meant for charity.

Sun further tweeted about the President of Malta as having tweeted that the BCF donation platform as being the perfect opportunity for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.  This platform he opined will reflect the sound corporate social responsibility of the users.

The short-term trend of Tron is currently Bullish.

The TRX/USD trend is showing a sustained “higher highs” with some “higher lows” formation. 

Justin Sun states that Tron has a lot to offer. Recently, Sun said that blockchain requires nurturing and that blockchain is a collaborative environment, which needs nurturing.  He further added that they were in an excellent financial position to serve as an example to others concerning long-term thinking. Overall, he states support is required to boost the industry.

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