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Dash Wins User Confidence in Venezuela for Different Reasons and Is Dash Getting Gold Backed?

Dash Venezuela wells fargo

Several SMEs, following the Wells Fargo decision, are left with no option to move money.  This has become the reason for many welcoming DashPay and Crypto in Venezuela.

Dash tweeted:  “Wells Fargo Bank will allegedly cease offering its Venezuelan customers access to the cash transfer service Zelle. Venezuelans are turning to Dash and other decentralized crypto solutions.”

There were rumors in the past year that Wells Fargo Bank would come up with its own digital currency.

The hyperinflation of Bolivar has already made businesses more complex.  Newer difficulties in processing transactions are propelling Venezuelans towards Dash.

Dash already has several hundred users in Venezuela.  It is expected that there will be more than 1 million users in Venezuela by the year-end.

The Dash Media Relations manager seems to have expressed, stating, “This is yet another nail in the coffin for traditional banking, legacy payment methods and failing fiat currencies. We no longer need to trust third parties to control and manage our money. If you want to truly unbank yourself, you need to be able to make everyday payments, and Dash functions perfectly as digital cash.”

The confidence in the Bolivar is declining every day, and the confidence in Dash is increasing by the day.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “The common standards of determining the value of money is already messed up due to the pandemic.  Cryptocurrencies like Dash are gaining confidence. Value Bartering is taking a new dimension.”

Amanda B. Johnson recently interviewed Vaultoro CEO Jscigala. He announced that the Dash Investment Foundation’s first Gold buys were recently triggered and that in one way or the other, the Dash cryptocurrency is being now backed by the Gold bought from @Vaultoro!

Dash recently tweeted:  “The world’s first ownerless and memberless investment fund the Dash Investment Foundation Dash Invests has purchased Gold on Vaultoro for its rebalancing strategy.”

We are not sure if Dash is getting fully gold-backed, but probably they are trying to establish its value in one way or the other.

Dash and Goku Market

Dash Thailand tweeted:  “#1 DashNext is proud to announce a great strategic partnership & collaboration together with @GokuMarket. Starting with the integration of DASH in the GokuMarketdesktop & mobile wallet app, StarterKits, & for trading with BTC, ETH, & USDT.

GokuMarket facilitates real-world applications with crypto providing for the new blockchain economy.  GokuMarket provides for a user-friendly journey that features one-step KYC, AI bot trading, and a lot more.

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